Auto sorting system

First of all I am not talking about the sorting by name, weight, etc. I am actually talking about a way to throw stuff in a box or something and have it sort into the ton of different storage areas…Simple example. I throw wood and stone into some storage box and it sorts the wood into a predesignated wood storage and the stone into a predesignated stone storage.

The reason this would be great is to avoid spending 10 min every time I want to leave the house running around my base throwing stuff into different inventories. I would say sorting takes about 20-30% if not more of your game time and gets tedious.


maybe just make it a shared inventory from adjacent containers of same type
you will be able to use them all, with filter, at the same time
probably, if you add workstations, crafting will be easier too

That is actually better that what I was thinking of. Was actually looking for a mod for this but have not found any