On inventory management with thralls and auto-placement and sorting


Ok, so I dont know how feasible this is, but:

what if there was a system that made inventory management easier?
such as a menu for storage units where you could set what types of resources belong in it?
Then, when you open that storage, items automatically sort from your inventory into the storage, but only if that storage accepts that resource? To prevent items you need from auto-sorting, you could maybe ‘lock’ items in inventory and be able to set the max stack for locked items so players could easily manage items necessary for repairs and such.

Further, what if you could assign thralls to move items from storage to storage? 1 thrall for moving one type of item from one location to one other location? You could do it by using the “inventory management” so storage units accept what the thrall is supposed to move and so the thrall will move the resource automatically after simply being set to move it after you drag and drop the item onto the thrall (like with arrows onto bows).

I think thrall’s handling storage would be a great idea because they are servants. no reason for the master to do all the heavy lifting! lol.

I think this would encourage smart base design and would give players a reason to play longer – to make the most efficient base possible for pvp or maybe simply just for the challenge! I don’t know, but i think this would help me greatly in crafting complex things so my ingredients are waiting for me when i need them where I can find them.


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