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Can we have a few more things stack to 1000? :slight_smile:

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Why not go even further than that? :yum:

Why not revise the whole outdated inventory and stack system into a hub network governed by boxes similarly to how Thrall Pot works, but with each nearby owned box slightly raising the cap of resources we can stash to them? Thralls then use those boxes to get resources to their positions, craft products we’ve assigned them to provide AND some random thrall-specific products; all in their own pace, without our further attention. If we go close enough toward them, they will show what they are working at and we can say yay or nay. On a private server we can tweak the crafting pace to our liking already so balancing pace is not an issue here.

Best thing in this system is that we would never have to look at our annoying, stuttering, command-Hell of inventories ever again, since they are integrated into the positions themselves and simplified into a similar like system that of a radial menu is if not exactly that. :rofl:

Then we do the same thing with the class feature thralls have. If I point my thrall to take upon a position, that’s exactly what they should do and get better at it until they become so good (lvl 4) that I am forced to recognise their effort with a name the next time I meet them (thrall can’t do lvl 4 stuff before acknowledgement). If they are good at something else already and I need them there, I will point them there instead. The individual inventory addition to thralls was a mistake anyway so having a Thrall Racket would simplify that issue away and also make it so we wouldn’t need to have thralls in our inventories to begin with. Just take one from the Wheel (yes, the wheels have to actually show our thralls pushing them) and then point the position they go to; point and click, point and click. Due this method the Wheel also doesn’t have a separate food inventory because they all share the same nearby Pot.

Personally I don’t understand why the game has to be so inventory-heavy product. So many wasted work hours. :persevere:

Thralls need love! :orange_heart:


Yeah or ‘transfer all of X item’ with one click

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I can agree that a Thrall Pot sort of inventory would be a nice thing to have.

Same as how some of the Minecraft mods used to work. Though they mostly required pipes to transfer the raw materials into a station to be used.

But it’s been shown that the Thrall Pot can act as a food depot for Thralls to draw from. That same mechanic should be feasible to convert to Crafting Stations pulling necessary materials.

So you just dump your stacks of ore, stone, wood, whatever. When you call up for a Thrall to smelt you some bars, it pulls them.

I posted a suggestion on this just yesterday.


Steve likes pipes more than thralls, I wager. :joy:

Had a hunch that there was something familiar about this.


Only to stations with thralls at them though. Otherwise we do the retrieving.



Though some could go to pick the ore, swing the wood and so on too; same limitation principals. Must be close to the Lumber Mill station, Ore Mine station etc. and these stations having a reliable connection to the Thrall Pot for providing food (thralls bring food to those stations; food messenger thralls).

I think this all comes to thralls as a cornerstone of the whole game, slowly, while we become their benevolent malevolent barbarian king or something. :joy:

Of course we can do the same things ourselves if we wanted to. The result should be somewhat the same then as well, I wager, and thus what players do is go on with a style of play that fits them. If they don’t play well alone, then they might want to try having thralls. If they don’t like a harem of thralls, then they might want to try going hermit. If they don’t like talking to their tableware, then they might want to try joining a clan. If they don’t like the hazzle of fellow barbarians juggling around, why not try a solo act. Merry goes around. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It would encourage building stations near to those that are useful.

Smelters for crafting bars. Blacksmiths and Armorsmiths to use the bars. A cauldron for making steelfire.

Get some drying racks near the wood station to get the chips for fuel.

I already built all the stations next to each other. Since I’m the one still doing the chores (lazy thralls, lol), there’s water, trees, rocks, iron, sticks and npcs around me to gather. :smile:


The rest I have bartered like a good ol’ merchant who soon after curses others for being cheap. :joy:

That’s how I was doing my Lakewatch camp.

I had one large interior room.

Stove was off to one side, with the one other cook-ish station.

To the right as you enter the main doors was the wood working area, to the left some drying racks and an alchemy cauldron.

Then two smelters and blacksmith benches, with a couple armorer benches up on a second tier from that.

But I’ll probably scrap all that when I start playing again. I’m thinking new character and work up from the beginning again.

thrall pots cause lag on the server

In what way do they cause lag?

I found out that some stations can be stacked on top of each other. This saves some space. Fermentation barrel has room above it so I placed Grinder on top of it.

Offhand I would imagine the thralls having to ping to the Pot to get food.

I play offline, so no idea. Hell I never ran out of food for them. I had fish traps that gathered gobs of fish to prepare and give the thralls. I typically dumped all sorts of food in the thrall pot, but I don’t think their inventories ever ran that low to start with.

My Greater Hyena <3 he always had gobs and gobs of human flesh to eat.

I never really needed to do that. I just kept the most commonly required ones near each other. To transfer between them as needed.

Multiply that with the quantity of thralls, diet supplements, their deaths (pots collect all kinds of data) etc. It gets heavy very fast, I wager, but will it get heavy enough I wonder. On top of that we have the clunky inventory system in place which only makes the matter worse as it is the hub between every feature run thorough us.

I never run out of food either. I tried to setup the server settings to emulate reality as best as it could and now I’m full of almost everything except those that never crossed my path. This revealed to me some parts that were bottlenecked behind specific recipes which is sad. For example I understand hide as a resource, but walling specific tiers of equipment solely behind specific type of hides for solely time investment’s sake serves only to narrow our utilisation of logic beyond reasonable. It would be better served if we could use any type of hides in our disposal (we might not know any better at that point in time and space) to make hide related equipment and let the mix of cosmetic durability stand as our guide toward the path to elsewhere in case needed. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Another perspective; have you ever thought about how your harness would look if the hide part came from a wolf instead of an elephant or a tiger? Why doesn’t it change the pattern? Elephant hide might be more durable, but durability is nothing to some so why restrict this. :sweat_smile:

I can understand different hides for different tiers of armor, because different hides have differing qualities. Some can be thicker and more resilient to damage. So having the thicker ones for a heavier form of armor isn’t a big stretch. While light hides would only be suitable for lighter armors.

It’s the same basic concept as the differences between iron and steel weapons.

I’m hoping they’ll take my idea to heart about more stations for DLC buildings. If we get that step, we can move away from any unnecessary crafting from our inventory. Ideally the only things we should be able to craft without any station, are simple survival stuff.

Arrows, some basic foods or clothing, just the stuff we’d need to survive out in the wilds away from our base.

I understand when the hide itself makes the impact in durability, if I am asking just durability. However, I don’t understand why I am denied to utilise the hide I have for whatever tier I want to create, if I am not asking durability (tiers should not define quality, quality should define tiers). It isn’t away from anyone and gives us variety.

From a logical standpoint, it would be reasonable for my character to make tier 3 armour from any hide they possess coz they don’t know an animal such as elephant exists or what the properties of their hide has until they actually do (tiering should be cosmetic instead = have biome-specific relevancy, that is). So until he gets that info that an elephant hide equals heavier armour, the tier 3 armour won’t be as heavy nor as durable nor would it impact dodging as much either; maybe even have less feathers and skulls if I don’t have as many of them (optional resource add-ons). Why allow our characters to have a recipe that we have no understanding of its resource relationships of?

Because they can’t, it is this reason why the tiering feels pointless and unnecessarily time consuming, a forced stretch quest hidden under plain sight; if only one hide rules them all, what’s the point on having any of the others if they have no impact on the tier I want to craft. If I want to craft light armours, why they don’t have any specific hide requirement? Why every hide goes for light armour and still gives the same result even though a light armour made from elephant hide should be more durable and heavier? Why is my character this dum…

For this reason I use admin panel. To correct the flaw. :expressionless:

Almost the same. Iron weapons are made from iron and steel weapons are made from steel. Heavy armour is made from elephant hide while any hide goes with light armours, even elephant’s. There’s the conflict.

Isn’t this actually in the game already? I think it is partially in at least. I remember that some dlcs have unique benches. The Frontier pack is the only one that doesn’t have one. Don’t know how many are included within them though. Maybe it was just the Artisan table… :thinking:

Exactly. Would go a long way.

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