New way of taming Thralls

After I saw another thread to limit buildings, also because of the littering of Wheel of Pain at all the good Thrall locations, I came up with an idea.

Limit Buildings

Eventhough I do not agree with another limitation I can see that the Wheel of Pain’s can cause a lot of Pain themselves on crowded servers, therefore here two ideas to mitigate that aspect:

With the upcoming Pet system you would have a great opportunity to expand on the way we recruit thralls.

New Pet system

Would it not be a great thing to put your thralls (the not yet tamed ones) into the camel for instance and send it back to your base location, maybe there could even be specialised camels.

This would allow you to go and club NPC’s store them in your camel and send it back to your base to off-load and use the wheel’s you have there.

When off-loading the thralls I would like to see them put into cages to store them before you put them into the wheel.
Not only would this create more immersion but also would put cage’s to an use other than mere decoration.

This way we would not be required to build our wheels everywhere.

Another idea would be to change the Wheel of Pain so it is accessible by anyone but has an instanciated inventory so no-one could steal your thralls but every farm-spot would require only one great wheel.

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Would never happen, they can’t even make containers movable because they “have an inventory”, or (apparently) create bearer thralls with more than five inventory slots. Apparently everything inventory related is completely no-no. I’d love to be wrong about this by the way.

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Yes I heard the thing about the inventory too, was in the last Livestream and pointed out as a reason why we cannot pick up Thralls after placement.

Thing is, the Pickup+ Mod allows you to also pick-up Thralls but not unless you empty the inventory, so this would be a way to solve this issue.

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I’d be perfectly fine with having to empty a container - thrall - anything before moving them, if that’s what it takes. Unfortunately I play on officials, so no mods for me.

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