Thralls and wheels of pain

I get that only do many thrall can be tamed at a time on a wheel of pain. But why cant we store them in wait for breaking? Maybe add a few cages onto the wheel? Or just let us store them in the wheels inventory. Cause that’s alot of slots for just gruel.

Also, can yall fix bug that when dragging a thrall they dint move and your feather just stretched until you get to your wheel of pain?

Why would you want to delay breaking them?

Maybe he/she just have no free slot available…

Read carefully guys, he knows there’s limited slots on the wheel (1, 4 and 8 depending on tier), and is asking for a way to keep captured thralls while waiting for a slot to open up.

Happens to me occasionally as well, since I refuse to create wheel farms (it looks silly IMO) so when I go on a recruitment drive, I can easily end up capturing someone I don’t have room for by the time I’m back to base (particularly if I accidentally come across a random T4 while out doing something else).

Currently you either have to destroy another thrall in waiting, or let the captured one go. Or if you have enough time I suppose you can sit around and wait for the captured thrall to wake up and KO them again and again, but I never do. Putting them in a prison cell while waiting for a wheel spot to open up would make sense, but in my experience they just end up teleporting home (or despawning, not quite sure which) if you try it.



To be honest one of the first times I played (so like an year ago, on a private server) I lost a thrall in the foundations of the stairs of our base.

At the moment I’ve just seen it disappear while opening the door (but obvioulsy I mistargeted without noticing, so I released him).

Before server restart, but after hours of play, coming back to my base I noticed a war shout under my feets, removing the foundations the thrall was still there (and he was waked up and a lot angry :smile: )

I don’t know if now it works, but it’s not impossible the thrall could stay in a closed place at least until next server restart.

EDIT: obviously if it works, you have to knock him down again.

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Yeah KO’ing them again, I can live with that. It’s a reasonable cost for keeping more prisoners than your facilities (wheels) can really handle. Though they should not have weapons when waking up, that breaks the immersion for me.

Granted, I haven’t tried keeping unbroken prisoners in a long time, so it might actually kinda-sorta work now, though there’s no way it persists through server restarts so it’s a short-term solution at best. It’s also difficult to actually get them placed in cells, dangling at the end of a rope as they are, but it’s usually doable with enough maneuvering.


Currently I have build a few holding cells, as my wheels of pain have named task masters and usually dont take long(conparitvly) to break even named thrall. But on my server I’m built just outside of one of the volcano entrances. It’s nothing for me to go in to farm some gold and come across 8+ tier 3 thrall just standing about.

Why do I take so many? Well I use alot of archers to help fight off purges. I so trade them off to other players in return for stuff I need. Aswell as supplying my clan with the thrall of needs to operate better. So a lack of thrall space is a concern for me

There is a reason for that - to make you make a choice, considering you have a limited space in the breaking wheels. It’s the same with every resource. If you are running 99% encumbered with stone and stumble upon silver vein you don’t demand that silver ore should go outside usual enc limit, just because you refuse to spec deep into ENC :sunglasses:

Sure, that’s why if I can’t break them right now (not enough wheels), putting them in jail would be interesting… however it’s not exactly a big deal for me, so you won’t see me fighting hard for this suggestion to happen :slight_smile:

guys the slaves already finished can be stored in chests, boxes or vault. It is not a bad suggestion, really, you could put some cages or cells that show the slaves. those that exist are decorative.

Gruel use to only stack to 20, =3
So those slots were very needed!

Cages has been requested for sometime to,(cause we have placeables) or some other method. Specially a release feature. (thou making pets/thralls walk into lava is amusing, or removing a floor from high up)

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