Can we get the wooded cages to be functional?

I was wondering if the wooden cages could be made functional to hold knock out Thralls. Like a holding pen. So they can be contained when they wake up.


This gets suggested pretty often, and I like the idea. Sometimes we capture more thralls than we can fit in a Wheel of Pain, especially during a Purge with lots of named NPCs who take their time in the merry-go-round. It would be neat to be able to store unbroken NPCs temporarily in cages, prison cells or similar holding facilities.

During one Purge I actually had to build and place four lesser wheels of pain with the stuff I looted from dead enemies so I could capture all the nice named people who came for a visit. A handful of cages would probably have been a lesser investment in resources.


Exactly Kapoteeni, ideally we need it to become ‘the waiting bay’. I support this idea.


I did this video on this a while back called thrall cages

the only problem I could see with this is how the knocked out thralls behave (once placed in a wheel they cannot be removed until the “training” is done)… they would need a way for the game to convert the thrall into an item when placed in the cage, and then to convert it to a entity when the NPC is removed… sounds like a lot of work for Funcom… but worth it in my opinion!

The thrall already turns into an item (unbroken thrall) when placed into a Wheel of pain. It then begins the process of turning into another item (broken thrall). A cage could simply turn the thrall into the first item without starting the progress of getting turned into a broken thrall. You could then pick it up into your inventory and move to the Wheel of pain for processing. There would be no need for an option to turn the thrall back into an NPC until it’s finished cooking in the Wheel.

While in a cage, the thrall’s visual representation would be a purely cosmetic thing, like crafter thralls in workstations, ie. it cannot be attacked or damaged. The thrall could just sit and sulk in there, or maybe shake fist and conduct other similar emotes of defiance occasionally.


I agree. We could add it into the cage when it is first removed from the Wheel of Pain, prior to to actually placing it. As you said it could simply function like a workstation thrall. While I would prefer to have the one I captured, a randomly generated appearance would suffice too.

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