Hard Steel Cages are Useless

Seriously iv been grinding the artefacts library thing days just for the Hardened Steel Cage plans and finally unlocked the cages feats and when i go to craft them with my hard earned Hardened steel i learn that they are completely useless. They are just for looks i cant open them and go inside i cant even place anything in them.
I was hoping to have them surrounding my wheels of pain with thralls as prisoners in side.

Can you remove the collision so i can place thralls and tamed beast inside or at least give us cage walls to make… maybe a Dungeon Build pack.


Hi @Deamo and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We’ve passed your suggestions over to our design team so that they can take a better look at this.
Please keep an eye out on our future update as we are always working on improving Conan Exiles.


It could be very-very good to assign a kind of inventory to those cages so we could place untamed Thralls there, just to keep them until there is a free place in the Wheel of Pain.


That is a VERY nice idea :smiley:


Thanks Dana
And Ko6ka Yeeeeeeeeeess that is what we need i like that idea very much.

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I really love that idea, but @Palm522 is also right – it’s a lot of work.

The big question is: how do you get the thrall out of the cage and onto the wheel? This has to be extremely well thought out, because if it’s not done properly, it could be abused.

The best solution I can think of right now is to make each cage have a radius of influence, like the thrall pot. Any wheel that is within that radius can ask for more unconverted thralls when it’s done converting a thrall. Unlike the thrall pot, it shouldn’t have a horrible effect on server performance, because the wheel would only have to talk to the cage(s) when a thrall is finished converting, which happens infrequently.

But it’s still quite a chunk of work.

That part might already be kinda-sorta solved. Just think about what an unconverted thrall is on the wheel of pain. It’s something, because you can see it there and click on it and remove it, but it’s not an inventory item, because you can’t move it into your inventory or even move it around inside the wheel. Whatever that thing is called, it could be the same thing inside the cage.

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Maybe this
When you grab a baby animal you can place it in storage and the pen but if try to place it down in world you cant and it gets put in a bag if dropped so apply this to the thrall capture.
Drag thrall to the wheel of pain if wheel is full put the thrall in cage. When you have space in the wheel go to the cage open inventory Thrall is now an untamed thrall (Baby Animal) Untamed tharlls can only be placed in cages or wheel you cant place them in world and they go in bags if dropped. The plans for the Iron reinforced cages is a random from the library thing anyway.

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Or make them like the caged thralls we find. Maybe find a use for keys. drag a thrall and then put a cost of like 10 cage keys for level I, 25 for Lvl 2, 50 for lvl 3, 100 for named, 150 for purge/surge…give me something to do with all those damn extra keys I get when cages are empty. Even consume the cage for all I care.

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There are already modded cages simply converted as wheel replacemt. I think that’s the easiest way, it’s simply no more a wheel.
But yes, the wheel is Conan, and all lore related, so this may be a point.

Also i would be little scared to lose even more thralls in all kind of transfer between cage and wheel.

But maybe we should be able to cage our thralls in a way, or simply put the crafters we don’t use in display.


As much as I like the ideas I recon just simply make the cages like a workbench that we can put those extra worker thralls and unplaced pets in that we are not using maybe just give them a siting or standing option.


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