Prison cage usage

Make cages usable in the same effect as crates only to portray the first thrall in the inventory. No point in making cages if they aren’t usable. Also make them so only thralls can be stored.


And here I thought this was one of those “stick other PCs into a cage” ideas.

This one is rather decent though. Cages now are just there, why not give them an inventory so you can stick a thrall in, and get them stuck standing inside?

It would really add in some ambiance to a slaver’s home. Maybe the option should exist to put unbroken thralls into the cage.

  1. Beat up an NPC
  2. Drag them to your camp
  3. Interact with a cage, they are imprisoned inside.
  4. Interact with the cage a second time, with binding equipped, you rebind them for dragging to the Wheel of Pain.

It would be great in single player, where you could keep a few storage cages to house thralls in, which would be really beneficial with the smaller wheel of pain, or when your wheel is full.

A++ idea right here.


or if this is unfeasible for performance issues give the ability to “open” the physical cage to put a broken thrall into it…


Maybe just limit it to one cage per player, via a slider. So singleplayer can tweak it, since they wouldn’t suffer as much from performance issues as online would.


Cages could be used like ‘Cold Boxes’ for storing baby animals and knocked out Thralls, maybe?

You’re literally stuffing the cages with gruel or animal chow and it extends the ‘decay’ timer of the creature in the cage until you have space to put them in a Wheel of Beer and Pizza?

That’d be a better use of the model, I think, rather than using them to capture other players or harass people with.


Your right. Only now you could store them in an ingame assigned area and save chest room for legendary items.

Would also be an idea to be able to store animal npc’s as well as human. Would free up some refrigerator room. Using less space on fridges. Perfect for resource animal storage.

This is an excellent idea!

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Since the cage comes in 3 sizes, my thought was to utilize them like small crate, medium crate and large crate. Since you can already store massive amounts of thralls in cupboards and vaults.

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