Would Anyone Want Useful Cages?

Would anyone be interested if we could convince the Devs to make the decorative cages in the game functional? Wheel full, or haven’t built one yet? Don’t let that stop you. Just pop the thrall into a cage while you make wheel space available.

Yes, no, or maybe.


They won’t. Retroactively making the old cages functional would devalue the overpriced functional Kennel cage on the Bazaar.


You can put thralls in that?

I am fully supportive of this idea.

The kennel serves a different purpose from what he’s describing. He wants a placeholder for your unconverted thralls. The idea is nice. You can stockpile a thrall or two if you don’t have enough space in the wheel or haven’t built it yet. It won’t convert your thrall, but you can pick them back out and drop them into a wheel when ready. It’s a nice idea… doubt it’ll happen though.

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Not what you’re describing, no. It can only hold a thrall that’s been converted… however…. It might be able to hold one if you drag them and let them wake up inside. Not sure though. If it does, it would make all the surrounding thralls go crazy.