Will cages ever be functional?

I’m sure I’m not alone in loving the idea of cages being functional someday… if our wheel is full, we can park a subdued thrall in the cage while we wait for an opening on our wheel. I know this has been talked about before, but it’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen the topic, so poking it again :smiley:

We could drop them in the cage the same as when we place them in the wheel. I’m even willing to have to re-subdue them once they are out of the cage, before being able to place them in the wheel. Different sized cages have different capacities. They have a durability based on what they are made of (bone, wood, hardened steel), and durability takes ongoing damage once the thrall is conscious.


That idea seems quite good to me, but I would like to add something, the possibility of knocking out a player and locking him in the cage to ask for a ransom for him, obviously it should have the possibility that the player inside the cage cannot remove the bracelet and die.

No. Just plain no. The vast majority of us don’t want to expose ourselves to being abused by others in the way you describe there. If that’s the kind of RP you can’t live without, I would recommend switching to PC where there are mods for that and finding an RP server that caters to your tastes.


This would be abused so fast, like a friend of mine does on ark. Hiding in the bushes in a loincloth with a bola. Let’s just say his hidey hole was so well hidden that clan or no clan, that person had a new permanent home on that server. Although funny at first, that’s a mechanic CE can do without.

Edit: Sorry, should have clarified that that was directed at codemage’s post. As for cages being used for thralls, especially as a waylay for wheel queue, fantastic idea!


First it was an idea, I can live without many things and that’s one of them, basically because I don’t even need the game to live.

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“If you can’t live without it” is a figure of speech, not literal.


I’m not going to start a debate with you, firstly because I don’t feel like it, secondly, if you want to explain why you don’t consider it feasible, don’t do it in such a cutting way, it’s not necessary.

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I already explained it. It wasn’t cutting, it was a short explanation followed by a recommendation. If the Spanish translation sounded cutting, that’s not something I can control. If you need a longer explanation, @Nord-Oskilgetinn already provided it in his reply.

Short Answer Ark,

Long Answer Ark…

Its Abused… and frustrating. And leaves bad taste in people mouths, and its one of those ideas, that used for all wrong reasons… and never really any good ones. Having your time wasted cause of gameplay mechanic is never fun.

As for Cages, Using them Store thralls when wheel is full, Or storing thralls who have timer on them (insert gruel to stop timer) Be interesting… (most at start of game when you don’t have ice box)

Has been requested a few times.


Thank you, your explanation is very interesting.

Somewhat off topic here, but still relevant as it is cage related. How do we learn how to build cages, is it a findable recipe?

There are two feats currently in the game.

One is Cages, available in the base game, requires level 40. You don’t need to find a recipe for that one, just level up to 40 and unlock it.

The other is Hardened Steel Cages, which requires a scroll. I’m not sure if that scroll can be found in Exiled Lands, or only on Siptah.

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Crafted hardened steel cages are currently invisible on xbox singleplayer, so the only thing going into them right now is frustration.

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Can we put prisoners in both types now, or only the hardened steel ones? How does this function? Also, feel free to spoil the scrool location too if you want buddy. Same with how we obtain the feat to make trophies from Siptah creatures. These items are things so enjoyable which I simply cannot wait for them! :laughing:

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As far as I know, we can’t put prisoners in any cages right now. This topic was created to propose that.

I wish I could, but I haven’t played Siptah since February. I took a 3-month break and when I came back, I decided to start in Exiled Lands, which I enjoy more, and go to Siptah if and when the server transfer allows me to do so without losing all my stuff in Exiled Lands. I just can’t have fun with so much RNG and prefer to skip it.

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Try your local Library of Esoteric Artifacts.


Darn that is a shame. I was under the impression that we could place converted thralls in a cage then close the door, just to roleplay them being in prison. I thought that the the original post was requesting that cages hold/store unconverted thralls, a sort of ‘waiting container’ if you will, until such time that we could place them on the wheel of pain. Looks like I was way off here.

EDIT: cheers for that @Lucidique.

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On Siptah, right? Because I haven’t seen it in the Library of Esoteric Artifacts in the Unnamed City.


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The feat for Siptah animal trophies can be learned in a camp at the easternmost coast, roughly center of the map. The location has a map entry to it.

There’s a cage, a wild dog, and a book telling the story of a survivor who tried to tame various animals. The book is east of the cage, somewhat hidden.

Too lazy to look up the exact map coordinates, but you should be able to find it. If not, just contact me or reply to this post, and I’ll add it later.