Will cages ever be functional?

N10, upper-right area.

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Just get your bonk stick an go out in the wild and bonk them tralls out and slap them on a wheel kids these days never want to put in the work :astonished:

Don’t want to put in the reading, either, apparently.
The thread was about using cages to hold thralls while waiting for an empty spot on your wheel. Not just holding them because they’re too lazy to break them. :man_facepalming:


Although this doesn’t have anything to do with holding a temporarily knocked out thrall, there is a way to make it look like one of your thralls is in fact captured in a cage. Sorry if this has been mentioned before!

All you need to do is:
Place a thrall in desired cage location.
Have that thrall follow you just a few feet away from original location.
Place the cage down over where that thrall was originally standing.
Hit ‘stop following’ and the thrall will eventually reappear in that spot, but now will be inside the cage.

If attacked the thrall may move (even in attack nothing mode), but it’s very easy to place back :slight_smile:


It seems to me Cages could also be used for pets and wild animals. It might be interesting to see some people use them for zoos in PvE servers.

The game certainly has no balance factor for any mechanic of kidnapping players and imprisoning them… If there was an associated risk that occurred when you did this then it might be more viable for PvP, at least. For instance, I’ve tossed out the idea of an “Affront to the Gods” stat before… kidnapping a player means you’re certainly stepping on SOME Gods toes. This could be a huge kick up to whatever Gods that player is faithful towards (Crom being the God if they haven’t built faith with any others… his wrath would be a meteor shower instead of an avatar call down…) The longer a player or clan imprisons a player, the faster the prisoner’s God(s) accumulate Resentment against the jailor.

This way, people can certainly try it, but unless they figure out your Gods and do enough worship to keep it happy, they risk having their holdings hit by heavenly retribution. (Of course, Crom is impossible to appease, so his followers get some benefit this way… although whether or not they appreciate it much is a different matter.)

It also feels like players who are jailed should gain purge immunity of some sort… this way if their jail gets HIT with a purge, they get a free jailbreak. I mean… that’s a fun idea right?

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Fun ideas, but I can’t see them ever being implemented. The biggest issue I see is that people can learn every religion, which would force the captors to appease every God. Given how religions were and still are, you can only have one. I’d like to see Funcom limit players to just one religion. Converting could still be an option, but you lose your old religion when you learn the new one.

Actually, I have a better solution (to hard worship limits.) Multi-worship of Major Gods would lead to an increase in a hidden Hypocrisy stat tied to each player. This is a running theme in many Conan stories, so it fits well. Set and Derkato can generate less Hypocrisy when dual worshipped, but Mitra would generate loads of Hypocrisy if you tack on other Gods.

Hypocrisy would come into play when players are in combat with Crom’s Followers. They can’t worship or build temples to him, but they get damage/armor bonuses when fighting people with Hypocrisy… The more of a Hypocrite their enemy is, the stronger they are in combat against them. (and their thralls, but not pets… Thralls are subject to their master’s religious behavior, but Pets are animals who don’t practice any worship.)

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That sounds cool. Though I still think there should be even more excessive penalties for multiple religions learned. I don’t know much Conan lore outside of Arnold’s movies, but in mythology the Gods are usually very jealous and won’t tolerate their worshippers choosing another God. Maybe shorten the length of an avatar or God bubble for each additional religion. Sorry I seem to be taking this thread in a different direction from where it was intended. lol

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I would just like them to make the cages like the workbenches just click on them and place thrall and they appear in the cage so we can place any thralls we are not using in them.

Imagine your base gets raided and all your workers gone then later you see them in another players base in cages screaming.


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