Training Grounds

Once you break a thrall on the wheel of pain, allow them to be placed in a training ground to level them up. This can take time depending on the tier of the thrall, and the amount you want to level them up.

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I can see this working but the footprint of such a thing would be the limiting factor…I would say the size of the animal pens would suffice in a trade off from going out the old fashion why.

That sounds great personally, as someone with limited time to play. I don’t see the devs seriously considering it though, as you won’t personally be involved in their development so therefor wouldn’t be as impacted by their loss. Basically it turns the thrall system into a turnstile cannon fodder mechanic, some would just endlessly cycle them through. Perhaps if there was a limit to the maximum stats they could achieve, or it lowered their maximum level then I could see them possibly considering it. I myself would definitely use this as I play solo offline only, but perhaps someone might see this and create a mod one day. Thanks for throwing this idea out there. :slight_smile:

I have a better idea then that just copy the warcraft follower system. That one work better then current isue we have wifh thralls

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