Creation of training camp

So my idea or suggestion in this matter is to have a crafting station that is about 3x3 has like a sandpit area for like close quarters combat a dummy and archery targets and this crafting station will function as something you can put your thralls in so that they can level up passively instead of having to grab one individually and level them up that way how this will work is the food that the thrall themselves would normally eat is what you put in as fuel also you can put in thrall trainers from one to named to speed up or give the thrall of some unique perks

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I love your idea. It would look really nice in front of a base. But the passive level up should still be slower than the active level up then, to compensate. With the dummy and archery targets, I understand why 3x3. I just hope they would make the other existing stations smaller. I dream of a tiny house base.


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