A dummy to train thralls

  • A dummy that can be crafted in a taskmaster’s bench.

  • When placed, a thrall (any human thrall that can be a follower) could be assigned to this dummy just as crafter thrall assigned to their benches.

  • While assigned to the dummy, a thrall performs attack animations (with equipped weapon or with bare hands if no weapon equipped) and gain a small amount of exp by doing so.

This could be a good solution for discrete leveling of warriors, entertainers and carriers. Also a great way to bring some life to the bases. For balance purpose and in order to prevent the abusing of the dummies these conditions must be met:

  • Amount of exp that thrall gains through training with a dummy should be minuscule compared to exp that thrall gains when follow the player. Something like 1 level per 24 hours.

  • While assigned, a thrall is unable to partake in the defence of a base. A player should decide, what a thrall should do: train or protect. Same is for entertainers. While assigned for training, an entertainer doesn’t provide buffs.

  • While assigned, a thrall consumes food (from inventory or from a Thrall Pot) and only gain exp if there is enough food. This will prevent players from creating training grounds to train thralls in industrial scales. As a possible option, make the amount of exp that thrall gains while assigned on a dummy to depend on a food quality. The better food — the more exp a thrall gains.


I like the idea… and I’m opposed to it at the same time. An automatic training workstation is a neat idea, and it’d make sense too, but at the same token it would remove the need of the player to work for their thrall.

As a counter-suggestion: how about level-capping the dummy so that the thrall couldn’t gain more than, say, five levels by hitting the dummy? There’s only so much you can learn against a straw man, and the real warrior learns by fighting real enemies. Training speed could still be dependent on the food you give them. Or maybe, in order to reach higher levels, you’d need higher level food and/or money.


With 1 level per 24 hours it won’t. It would take 20 days and a shittone of food just to level up a single thrall in discrete mode. The idea is more to make thralls busy while player is away.

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I have enormous amounts of food (cooked fish) as a byproduct of making ichor. I’m sure I’m not the only one.Getting some use out of that would be nice.

Also, I could have one thrall training at the dummy whenever I’m playing, and doing something else. It doesn’t matter how long it’d take to train on its own, it’s still time I don’t need to spend on that thrall. At the end of the day (or 20 days, as it would be) it’s still a “free” level 20 thrall.

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