Player/Thralls controlled crafting stations, possible solution for low tier thralls

Im pretty sure many people will be against this idea, but it would be really interesting if crafting stations/altars/working benches would only work if a player or thrall is interacting with it.

This would make things more realistic, a empty carpenter bench cant produce shaped wood on its own… and also give low level thralls a real purpose. T1/T2 crafting thralls have been ignored by most since Day 1, nobody really bothers with them, not even low level characters. If empty stations would not work, unless there is a player or thrall interacting with it, this would give low tier thralls some real purpose.

I dont see how this could cause a huge impact to the game, everybody can easily grab thralls and break them, specially low tier ones, but its the kind of logical change that could make low tier thralls worth using and not ignored by almost every player.


Isn’t it an assumption that everyone including low level characters is ignoring capturing and breaking t1 & t2 crafters?
And as we get those benches at the same time as the wheel which only takes one thrall there would a considerable delay in getting thralls for them … hence majorly impairing our ability to start stockpiling materials for upgrading our bases.

When starting a new character (which I quite recently did on TestLive), I’ll take any crafter I can get to begin with. Though they do get retired with full benefits (taken out back and shot) as soon as a better one comes along, which usually happens quite soon after I’m established somewhere. After that, I generally ignore T1-T3. T4 I’ll almost always try to capture though, having extras for old friends returning to a decayed base helps them get back on their feet soon.


T1 I usually avoid, but I’ll take a T2 if I’ve got an empty station. Better than nothing and quick to break in. The reason I avoid T1 is because T2 is just as easy to find, generally speaking.

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I see the idea, while it’s cool that the workbenches still work without thralls, i thought several times, it would be nice having the player perform some anims. Sure, this would slow down the work, and you could not make shaped wood, or whatever without “losing” your time doing so.
But it would be more role-play and more immersive.

And here we come with it, there are role-players, that will mostly think it’s cool, and level grinder, that will hate such idea. Hard to get it together. :wink:
But yes, it’s worth thinking about, and see what could be possible.

I like the idea, but strictly-speaking, it is not possible. In order to break thralls, you need to use the wheel of pain, and in order to use the wheel, you need a taskmaster, whom you cannot obtain without first breaking him, and… you see where I am going with this. Maybe the solution could be making all work take twice as long as it does now without a thrall? I still wouldn´t see any point in breaking T1 though, as T2 is basically just as easy to come by and vastly superior.

Regarding players performing the tasks at benches if no thrall is available:
My response is Please No…I like that when I’m handcrafting something that’s is happening in the background as I’m doing other things … if Funcom added in this there would be a lot of standing around doing nothing whilst your character was in animation smelting iron ore, crafting shaped wood, crafting iron bars, making armour at bench … all very boring to watch.

I play another game that puts my character into an automated crafting animation whilst items are being created … if I move then the craft is cancelled … makes for boredom when I’m crafting large batches of items.

It’s an answer to a suggestion, and my own thoughs while observing the game. Don’t make me say i want this implemented like that ! Imagine crafting full-time hardened bricks ! :sweat_smile:

Yes you said it right, it would be more immersive and realistic, without consuming so much time. It would mostly impact lower level players that didnt have the chance to go thrall hunting. But even low level players have access to thralls pretty fast, the lesser wheel of pain is a level 10 recipe. How long does it take to reach level 10? Im pretty sure many can get there in a few hours, it is definitely not a great impact and once players start collecting their thralls everything would be as it is now.

This seems like a solution in want of a problem. I’m just not seeing the problem though. :-\

I mean I guess it would finally give people something to “do” when it’s night-time in game and you afk until you can see again, but that seems like needless micro-management of people’s time.

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Sure, it’s more about like said, immersion, or simple play around and fun.

The thing is also, when you have played many time trough, you let you all the time, and enjoy the little things, at least i do in some playtroughs. But i’m also a mod lover after all this time.
Sure, i agree completely, you can reach lvl 10 very fast, even highter isn’t a thing, but i may believe it’s not all about rushing, and run to level max.
Fist playtrough should still be with default settings and vanilla of course, simply to know the game, and see how it is and act. But for the long run, sure mods and variations are still welcome.

Twenty-thirty minutes, tops? Even on 1x. Newer players may even be faster since they don’t try to conserve their “journey steps” for level 30+ :rofl:

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