Suggestion: Let us level-up crafting thralls

Fighters and archers level by killing stuff (getting experience). Let us level crafting thralls by crafting experience. That would make the Wild Surges more rewarding, knowing that even if you get a T1 crafting thrall, you can still, over time, level up that thrall to eventually T4 (and may “discover” certain flawless recipes like how the delving bench works).


Great suggestion! Our clan was having this very discussion last night.

It makes sense that they gain experience over time.


This would be amazing. My biggest gripe with this map is the lack of bench thralls. We feel like we’ve stalled…need better gear to go hardcore into the maelatorm grinding, need better bench thralla to get better gear. We are max level and haven’t crafted t3, can’t make any epic flawless, etc. Because even if we do grind and summon a surge, we still aren’t getting any bench thralls better than 2s.


Excellent idea. Perhaps T1->T4 is too extreme for some (personally I like it), but allowing at least one “tier upgrade” shouldn’t break anything.

Wasn’t there talk of being able to “level up” your crafting stations over time, too, a while back?


Really cool idea to be honest, no idea if they could implement it mechanic wise, if they leveled over time or by crafting you would just dump a few 1000’s low level crafts on them and boom t4 but thats a whole other thing.

Not likely to happen but a really cool alternative.

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I like the suggestion. Maybe limit their bonus recipes to the generic recipes, so you still need to find specific T4s for cool armor. But from a gameplay standpoint, making flawless recipes available to all players with some reasonable consistency seems like a more balanced approach than gating access to flawless armor behind a steep RNG curve.

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I don’t see a downside. Sure players who ‘have it all’ won’t have a problem feeding up higher-tier thralls - but then those players usually won’t have a problem getting T4’s in the first place.

It could give solo players a way to get access to things they’d otherwise not have over time, which IMO is always an advantage.


Up vote here. It’s the severe difficulty in getting the higher thralls that’s going to run me off this game.


Upvote from me as well, our server has not been able to use the leyshrines since we are all in clans and they remain locked. Upgrading / Leveling thralls sounds like a good way to work your way up.

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I think it’s a terrible idea I have enough to level it would ruin the value of t4’s and ruin the mechanics of the new map

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Very good idea, at least leveling to tier 3 without special recipes, so players still have to look for tier 4 thralls.


The only way this would interest me is if you could level a T1, T2, or T3 to T4 and obtain special recipes. It is waaaay too easy to get T1-T3, and it wouldn’t be worth the time, resources, or effort (just another grind). That being said, I like Bodin’s idea with no compromising.


Why not? If you spent the resources, shouldn’t you reap the reward? This is how it works with everything else in the game (e.g. bricks+furnace=hardened brick). Also, if you knew a recipe, couldn’t you teach it to your thrall? When you create something on the bench that the thrall can’t make, the thrall learns and improves. When the thrall improves to T4, that thrall gains a random or faction-appropriate special recipe.

At least provide an option in the settings, then those who want to grind for higher-level thralls can grind away to your heart’s content.

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But you can’t get T3 crafters in Siptah without Ley Shrines. People say that even T2’s are a bit of a problem. You have to farm Vaults, farm Maelstrom, fight Surge… to get T2 & T3. A bit too much I think. T4’s may be that hard to get because of their recipes, but T1’s and Wild Surges shouldn’t be as useless in Siptah as they are.


Good to know Ko6ka. I haven’t been able to play CE since Isle of Siptah came out, so I wouldn’t know.

Siptah and Exiled Lands are VERY different when it comes to Thrall acquisition. It’s much, much easier in Exiled Lands.


Not a bad idea but as always there’s gona be an “Easy way” to level up fast…
IE. In skyrim the fastest way to lvl up blacksmith was by crafting iron daggers and leather bracers, with the right materials and a bit of time your character would master the secrets of Daedric Armor by crafting thousands of low level items… I hope this doesn’t happen in this game, ever :^)

Would be nice to find knowledge books or scrolls that teach them how to improve their work and level them up, instead if crafting or making items as if they were mass production machines only with the purpouse of leveling up.

Would be also nice to be able to learn one crafting skill as a player that doesn’t requiere a thrall to craft flawless items or high level resources.


You mean as opposed to me slaughtering 1235354352121 crocodiles with Stone tools teaching me the secrets of metallurgy, chemistry, engineering and advanced weaponcrafting? Which, okay, it’s an abstraction, a game-design choice, but let’s not pretend CE aspires to anything approaching realism in its progression system today :smiley:



In the World of Warcraft you literally get NO EXP if you try to craft items not corresponding to your current crafting skills. There are some lists of “boosting your crafting skills” but high-level skills still require rare and expensive materials (of course there are a couple of recipes on each skill level giving items which you can sell to other players to get some “cashback”). Such system is well-known and proven.

Exactly. Just like in real life! :rofl:

Well, one thing that could be done to make T4 “special” is let them still have the top recipes. For example, a T1-3 thrall can become T4 but only learn exceptional versions of the armors, but a full T4 named thrall can produce flawless versions.

So, say you get a T1 Darfari Armorer. You teach him and train him through crafting. He eventually becomes T4 and he learns how to craft exceptional armors in the Darfari style (such as the Hyperborean Armor). But if you want Flawless Hyperborean Armor, you’ll still need to capture Grrr Legbiter who can produce flawless versions of that armor. Just an idea…

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