Thrall Leveling System

Please leave some constructive criticism. It would be cool if crafting thralls could achieve a new tier through crafting.(VERY Slowly, as not to make it so people only try to get level 1s which are a dime a dozen). However, I don’t recommend that they become like a named thrall(i.e. You get a Stygian armorer 2, it earns Tier 3 after a certain amount of crafted items, and then Tier 4, then it would become just that, a Stygian Armorer 4. Now the benefit would mostly be for crafting time and also item requirements, however it should stay only making Exceptional, and leave the Flawless to the actual named Thrall so there is still a desire to hunt for them. This would work well for certain thrall types, like Carpenters, which seem to be few and far between, as well as other thralls that are purely utilized for their crafting speed increase(Smelters, Cooks, Alchemists). I play on PS4, and I noticed that in the Wiki there are Black and White dye now, only achievable from a T4 Alchemist from the Purge. I’ve been properly purged only 3 times out of the 15 or so that have triggered for me(The other 12 “attacked” a small sandstone bridge I had left in various locations for ease of travel) and of all 3 that I did defend against, it was just waves of countless naked T3 Archers and Fighters that were of no use to me. No named thralls, no bosses, nothing. This could alleviate some of those less intensive T4 requirements(like dye…really) but still make the ones people want huntable and worth the time spent.


This is actually not a bad idea, for those who wants to do 1 hunt and be done with it. But honestly, you can farm t4s if you know the spot. you can probably get 1-2 of the same named thralls (for example, 2 t4 smelters at the same spot) if you farm for 1-2 days about 10 spawns.
Allow me to improvise your idea, and that is to make a named tier 1 thrall which means he can level up to an equivalent of a purged named thrall.

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In fact since the last big patch T4 crafting thralls are all but gone. I used to farm them up with no problem, but now in two months I have not found a single T4 armorer.

T4 crafting thralls are mostly a thing of the past.

i dont have luck on armorers too, but i do find all others.

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