Thrall leveling

hay i just had a mind blowing idea that would be epic for this game. thought since you are verry well respected the devs of the game may lissen to you. i just thought of a idea to change the dynamics of the thralls. so you still keep them as T1 - T4 but add in a simple lvl system like alot of games have. like a 3 lvl system bronze silver and gold. in this you can simply salect like stranth, accrasy, or vitalaty. say you have a archer and you add all 3 to acc then you unlock a specal pacive skill like we have but call it eagle eye and it adds armor pen to their attack. 3 to vite adds a taunt and give them one of the emotions that would look like taunt, and str would be like ours adds the 25% dps to specal atacks. and if you mix and match then you dont get the skills but you do get like a tanky thrall that has a little more dps. or a archer that i dont know does a bit more dps or shoots faster but has more hp? that would totaly make the thralls alot more intrasting then what they are now. and coustomize them. take them with you and train them. it would be really fun.
or maybe just have that for the T4’s? i dont know but that would be really cool to want to take out thralls to train them in a rpg relm bit more and with you

I like the idea of being able to take your thrall out and train it. I personally would like to be able to simply level up my thralls. It would also solve the problem of having too many t2 and t1 thralls in end game.

Perhaps the archers and fighters could gain experience towards a level up by killing or being near you when you kill things (so even if you deal the death blow, they still gain xp). And worker thralls could gain xp by crafting.

In a stream a few weeks ago the guys from Funcom teased that something like this is coming Soon™. At least for pets, but I understood it’s going to be for human thralls, too.


That’s what I got from it as well. :paw_prints:

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