Combat thrall progression

I’d like to see the ability to rank up certain thralls, change their name, pet them, etc.

Currently at mid-game you’ll end up with a bunch of cimmerians and Nords, then end-game you’ll end up with a bunch of hyborians because of the way game progression works. Personally I’d like to find thralls from any area of the game and make them just as strong as thralls from another area, or find a thrall I think looks really cool then train them to be t4 high end equivalent which might grant the option to name them.

Should you be able to have the best thralls without traveling? No, I’d say such progression would call for either catching named thralls anyhow (Maybe have one thrall “teach” another) or go through an equivalent level of effort to catching named thralls. While the game isn’t designed to keep thralls forever since they can be lost in a purge, war, etc. It would be nice to at least build some familiarity with them much like you can with dinosaurs in Ark for example.

I’d also like to be able to give my thrall a pat on the head :3


Just because you beat them over the head, dragged them through the desert, and enslaved them… doesnt mean you dont wanna be nice to em every once in a while lmao


Would love to see more customization on thralls. At least more variations( or shown/explained). So far I’ve saw 3 levels of thralls + the named ones that can only be distinguished by its health pool( dont know if one is stronger or weaker than other). Before going far as you gone, would be nice to have the set bonus working as for the ones i was able to test( vanir set on thralls) no stamina incrased . Would be cool to have some stats variation (more or less armor, damage, perks) form one thrall to another( maybe race based) if its already done would be good to have a way to see and plan on it.

I didnt catch what you said about the races. Are they really stronger? So far I havent noticed any difference from any race to another only by its race and as far as i played I found lvl 3 guard thralls from all races. What changes is their power as enemies due to the gear they’re initially equipped as enemies, but no difference as thralls but the starter weapon that can be changed.

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I agree that it’d be nice to see more variation and customization. It’d be my favorite part of the game, just tailoring and building thralls how I like c:

As for the last point, yes. Thralls from different regions of the map have more or less health and damage. The reason this ends up divided by race is that your second-strongest thralls are from a Cimmerian or Nordheimer camp in the north, and the strongest are from the volcano area or well of skelos. If you catch the strongest thralls, you’ll end up with the Hyboreans who make up the vast majority of the population there.

Test this by catching a thrall from a weaker area and comparing health with one from a higher end area. A t3 thrall from the well of skelos can have double or triple the health of a named thrall from a beginning zone.

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they could make training summies and allow the thralls to train on them and the archery targets to gain the lvls or w/e

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