[Suggestion] Ability to continue training (fight with) thralls to raise their quality

Hello, What I would like suggest is the ability to continue leveling a thrall of the lower tiers (I, II, III ) to eventually raise them to the higher tiers.

Of course this require more time using them in fights in the field to do this, but this would the lower tier thralls to be useful not just killed on sight. This would also allow you to have a thrall from the very beginning that would eventually become great.


While this one personally adores the idea, there are a few other factors to consider.

Low tier thralls, come 3.0 will be a valuable commodity for the would be Sorcerer Kings draining the life force from their victims and generally engaging in defiler shenanigans. Do not think for a moment that these perfidious potentates won’t have stocks of drained essence and blood to rival their current piles of gunpo- demon fire powder.
Before, we saw the desire for the power of steel (loot)
Now we will see the strength of flesh (or rather the souls and red juice it contains)

The other factor to consider is that an Exile or a Darfari, regardless of tier, is still far behind the power curve of Skelos Cultists, Relic Hunters, and Forgotten Clan/Accursed. Unless that particular distinction flattens out, it will be very difficult to gain real advantage from this except…

With Entertainers and Bears who have a significantly more tangible benefit for their tier in that Bearers have more inventory slots and the entertained boons of better performers likewise increases.

That said, ways to post leveling upgrade thralls, especially lower tier ones, would be very nice.


I would figure that how did the other tribes become so powerful ? The answer is they maybe trained for it or earned their power though fighting and war over a period of time.

This suggestion would allow you to take your low level thrall on that journey with you and allow them to acquire that battle prowess and power though hard fighting and experience.

I realize that this would not benefit many players as they will just venture to areas where the premade powerful thralls dwell, but for the ones who want to campaign with some their first thralls they can and they will gradually grow to the power of the higher tier ones.

This growing will of course begin after the thrall has reached level 20 and as they level they will go up in tier up to level 3 (probably named would be too far and dilute the presence of the legendary characters already named in the world) with experience (fighting/killing) gained as before but instead of gaining levels they would gain tiers.

This maybe provide a bit more to do for PvE players as well.


If this games canon sticks close to the REH source material the answer as to why some people are stronger than others is as much (meta-) genetics as cultural lifestyle.
But let’s not linger on that because it can get into pretty nasty territory very quickly.

How benign did you want this growth?
Will you be feeding the thrall to be advanced several hearts of a hero to help fill them with heroism and potential?

Perhaps the rare tomes in the warmaker dungeon could assist in the process?

This one feels like we have lots of pieces that could easily be part of a process of training someone beyound their inherent limits. Also, by including these specific components it makes it more than just a matter of continuing the level grind.
Perhaps to go from tier 1 to 2 they need to go back in the wheel with a certain grade of taskmaster and eat only feast or Nordheimer hearts?


Very excellent idea! That would make it much more fun to level them and add some spice to the process.


Several times I have kept a thral beyond their usefulness since they were first caught on a server it would be nice to have them capable of getting to be relevant. Edit left a word.


See it would be very fun to be able to train this thrall up rather than have to just discard it so that it doesn’t take up the space of another “more valuable” thrall tier.

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