Thrall Suggestion

Hi there, i created an account just for this post.

Besides the Thralls not working properly, even when they are, they are Dumb.

My Question/Suggestion is, Increase the Thrall AI difficulty. no idea how hard it would be, but if a thrall could actually take a human player that knows the game decently, that would be awesome. like if they also dodge attacks, block, do heavy un-stun able attacks when the enemy player does a light attack, just smarter AI.

Now i guess, some people would think that is a tad too much, but what if you could customize your thrall, and give it like a lvl up system as well, where you need to take it out with you and give it “combat experience” so to raise it’s “skill”

Maybe i liked the anime Overlord too much, but the idea of having a few really powerful thralls to defend certain rooms or something would have been awesome, especially if they all look different and even, make a name for them self. Like a Thrall Called Korgoth the Barbarian that single handedly defended a castle from a raid.

More Customization on Thralls would always be a + in my books.

Just a Suggestion…

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Well, I quite agree. Maybe not in all the particulars, but a move towards fewer, but more powerful (and above all, smarter) thralls per player would be awesome.

At their current level of ability there’s not a lot of point in increasing their power though, because they’re way too easy to outwit (not an easy problem to solve).

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