Thralls too powerful relative to the player

Here’s a suggestion for down the road, no big priority, but definitely would be nice eventually:

I believe right now the thralls are way too strong relative to the player. As the main player character, I want to be the strong one and have a reason for thralls to follow me. In reality I am a puny weakling; my thralls should be kicking my butt. I should be the one following my thralls and not vice-versa.

I realize that this game is much about getting and leveling the strongest thralls. It’s one of the main mechanics of the game. I have no problem, if for example, a powerful thrall has twice or 4X my HP. But I have thralls that have like (gasp) 40X my HP! This is ridiculous!

In making this change work, of course more has to be done besides just nerfing thralls: player’s stats would need to be adjusted, bosses need to be adjusted, etc.

Sounds like a lot of work like what was done last year.

Recently in my logfile it showed 20 of my thralls just destroyed within minutes of each other. Don’t need to make that any easier!

I play on ps4. Still I don’t know how much more the thralls are nerf even on pc. I want however a little bit more nerf. But this time very well balanced. Because rare in difficult areas or difficult purges must be stronger. Teimos is the number 1 thrall that must be nerfed immediately. Anyway, after the nerf I started to give a fair amount of points to strength and fight more my fights. I am in a point that I don’t care anymore if my thrall do not help or tank and I like it. I use my shield more, I carry more weapons for me not my thrall and though I play still full encumbrance, I don’t carry more than the max. I believe that if our thralls go lower, that means that the greatest hero will not have more than 5k hp and all the average, berserker, Teimos, relic hunters, volcano etc not more than 4k, it would be awesome. We need however more hp for us, or the second perk of vitality to give us the max hp we can gain.

Right now they’re maxing out between 6khp and 7khp. That is fine compared to where it was at 28khp.


Oh boy here we go again, i can only agree with you :^)

Even after they were toned down a bit some months ago, they are still too strong but you wont believe how much the players cry for their thralls because they spend some time leveleing them and can’t realize that they can die.
They need a big pool of hp due their lack of intelligence but the damage they deal is still an overcompensation for so little effort that represent hiting them with a club and draging them to a wheel of pain.

I’ve played many games with AI Followers and none of them are so ridiculous as they are in this game, they never deal more damage than the player and mostly works as a meat shield, but here they are just the easier way to cheese the whole content of the game.
I know with the latest patch they introduced a bar to reduce the damage they deal to players but not against another NPCs, come on…

There are a lot of playstyles in the community to force them all to play in the same setting, so we need more tools to modify their attributes, or different types of servers where thalls are weaker in comparison with the player.

For the meantime, if this is really a problem for you and you don’t mind playing solo, i suggest playing on SP and change some of the combat settings, reduce NPC Damage down to what you feel is right for you and increase player received damage accordingly, sometimes it would be kind off stupid but it will work fine for the most part.


@Cyryus, This is a good solution but not good enough. Playing vanilla for me it’s the best. I will remain to the facts that I repeat over and over again. We must be stronger, they are dummies so they have hp for this but not over 5k. The only thralls that can have more hp is the bearers but not over 7k. Bearers must go out with great survival and agility so they can have a chance against lava. Their strength however must not ever go over 10. We become spoiled children with this God thralls and this must end. Last but not least, once again, purge thralls and rare thralls from difficult areas must be the strongest of all, but not stronger from me, maybe equal, not stronger :wink:.

thralls should not be allowed to leave base… a ceratin radius around ur bed or bedroll…

and we have the only game where thralls do not gather or harvest anything… why the heck we need thralls for if not for gathering…

I have bearer thralls pushing 17K HP

thrals its to strong? you are to stupid or what? when i raid i can kil 15 thrals in 20 min so wher he is to strong?

Lol you could not find a comment on this already as their are hundreds of them, nerf thralls, then give them more, then change them , then nerf them again its over and over and over they have hardly got them working at the moment maybe we could wait till they finish fooling around with them before we suggest they nerf them again. I have a suggestion if you get a too strong thrall break bonds with them, easy fix.

I will always be about both nerfing thralls, and buffing players if for no other reason than that’s what is way, way more appropriate for a game based on Conan stories.

Though to be honest, I’m kinda wishing that that the next Conan game is essentially elder scrolls: hyboria, but with co-op/invited PvP as there would be so much more room to balance it better than the seemingly eternal circle of nerf/buff players/thralls that seems to go on.

Totally into disagreement, 40 thralls level 20 can be killed in 30mn when you are raided by a clan of 3-4 people, what do you propose to defend a base when you are 1vs4 ?

on ps4 i think the exploit of porked thrall that make their strengh infinite is not patched yet, this exploit was the reason of the one shot kill before the nerf they did. on pc…not sure it was a good reason to nerf them, and should have been better to address only the exploit.

This has been an issue for years and it seems like the game will die on this hill until the servers are shut down.

The PVE content is not polished enough for enjoyable and balanced solo, most of the time is more of a personal challenge/chore than part of the intended gameplay. Thralls are too dumb to exist in CE, i don’t know whether its because this is a survival game and not an Mmo or on rails single player, but it just doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for base defense, and its boring for PVE.

And the major issue is that the CE community is divided in way too many groups. You have solo vanilla players, you have modded servers, you have PVE-C and PVE players, and lastly PVP.

Thrall HP might be overkill for a PVE player but barely enough to be useful on a PVP base defense, so you get things like this:

And hes not even lying. Thralls are indeed clunky and underwhelming at base defense, even while being a major part of PVP servers.

We will never find an agreement on this matter because each person has a different perspective and experience with thralls, and in my opinion this is a result of trying to make CE appeal to too many types of players.

Would tweaking damage/health values depending on whether they are fighting players or bosses help? Not really. PVE is still the same and you will just have to shoot a few extra healing arrows or have to face the frustration of solo bossing. And for PVP, more damage means instadeath for players, lower health means even easier raids. What do?

Find allies?. build decoys? ticker walls? i don’t know, I don’t understand why a solo player believe he/she should have a chance against a clan of organized players.

Because i play pvp on offi for 3 years now, and have been able sometime to repell attack 1 vs 3 or 4.

what you are saying actually is that you should be online 5 hours per day with at least 4-5 people to be able to defend your base ? and so thrall are not needed. are you serious ? thrall is the only defense system for a base in the game, and they don’t wortha lot, as in actual state they give 20-30mn, but no more, before been nerfed they were giving little bit more time.

decoy , ticker wall, seroiusly, when i’m attacked they usually use at least 500 bombs and can go untill 1000. i guess you are pve players ?

To clarify, I posted this based uniquely on PvE experience. I don’t PvP and I have no idea how thralls are powered in PvP relative to other players. Maybe this needs to be addressed differently in each mode.


yes but game is not only pve. and pve/pvp/pve c share the same parameter.

if u think thrall too powerfull on pvp, well simply take a lower rank thrall, ie fighter of newbie area, or give him a weapon that do less damage, or don’t take thralls at all and it will be solved.

but on pvp we need something to defend base :slight_smile:

I agree. When I first started playing this game I didn’t realize just HOW powerful thralls were. I was the hero here - I was the one who subjugated these barbarians and turned them into my thralls. The greatest of thralls should be at least on par with my abilities.

That being said, I think the proper balance here would be to simply retune the entire combat system. It’s clunky and easy to cheese and doesn’t allow for much variety. Additionally, thralls should be knocked unconscious when they drop to 0 HP, and not die - this would be to combat a reduction in their prowess. Maybe a thrall has a timer to when they begin dying after being knocked out, so if the player still wins the fight they can resuscitate the thrall using bandages.

In general I believe that combat needs to just be reworked. Shooting something with 125 arrows until it dies is beyond unrealistic. I want to see even a rhino die to a few very well-placed arrows to the skull - that’s realistic. Granted, I ALSO want to see that rhino instantly kill almost any player if it literally just stampede-rushes through them. This is the risk vs. reward element at work. You run a huge risk when you attempt to shoot that rhino in the head. Once it begins its charge, you have a few seconds to hit it several times in the head or you’re basically going to die.

Combat should be a bit faster paced and not so determined by the clunky combat system.

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