Upcoming thrall HP and dmg nerfs?

Dennis mentioned all thralls will be getting a HP and dmg nerf then also mentioned Teimos will be lucky to get 12k hp in 3.0

If all thralls are getting their HP nerfed but if teimos can still get even 10k that still means Teimos is the best thrall for PvP servers based on HP to be a dmg sponge in base defence.

Can we just make it so teimos can’t be tamed already…

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Tbh I’d like Thralls to be less important to combat or just tanks. I wish most of the damage came from the player.


You may fine-tune damage in server settings as far as I know.

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They do less damage just give them all poision weapons.


There’s a attribute that will make you a commander, this reflects how strong followers would be.

They finally change thralls to be a little less effective, it pains me to see people afk next to a boss with a thrall…

However they mentioned thralls can get revived if they die, but their “health?” “stats?” will lower depending on the times they needed to be revived.


Yeah, it’s a good change.
Right now t4 fighters can solo every boss in the game without the player’s help.
I strongly support their change and for people who like how things work right now devs implemented a new attribute called “Authority” I believe.


I recall the days when you cant use thralls. Those were great days for raids.

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I agree. Actually made you guard8ng thralls effective. Now with offline raiding, you can have 3 man clan use 3 uber thralls and wipe out 100s on guard.

I don’t mind that change to thralls but PLEASE do NOT nerf pets further.


Pets are not being touched but I don’t know if pets be any good still.

so basically funcom being funcom.

Wants to nerf teimos to bring it in line with other thrall HP > proceeds to also nerf other thrall HP > makes teimos the obvious choice still.

Very good I salute you @den :golfclap:

It pains you to see people afk at bosses well thats me
I am full encumber spec as i really farm alot 150K stone a run or other things / items
I dont want to go into fight mode myself all the time and this nerf is just bs

I’m also afraid the full encumber spec will be gone and if so i think alot of pve player will just stop playing

But everything for the pvp players :slight_smile:

They really need to start treating the game as a pve survival where you could pvp in it


The nerf won’t affect you much when you use them to guard you while gathering

yes of course. The reason if 50 encumbrance is removed is because of pvpers :joy:


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They said thralls are still gonna be powerful enough to do dungeons and if you really rely on them that much take the new attribute tree and take two thralls with you or grab yourself some healing arrows.

Going home to reskill into fighting spec with the new teleports should be fast and more efficient also.

Thralls needed a nerf for so long. Don’t take that away from the pvp community just because you’re a lazy snickers.

I totally agree that the new changes may help the PVP community, but I am really tired of the self-righteous attitude of people that are outraged by how others prefer to play the game.

And that is your business why? Did you pay for these peoples accounts?

I am assuming you mean this in a PVP environment, if not, you can always play with a weak thrall. It is very easy to pull agro on a boss mob, even with a “super” thrall, if you know what you are doing, and can apply bleed stacks plus physical damage. I have two “super” thralls outside my base to keep the King Rhino in check, and when I join in the fight, I can always pull the Rhinos agro onto myself.


oh i meant this in a pve enviorment as i only do pve. I like more focus and importance on the player and not the thrall. But since the Thrall is a lot stronger than the player and we got dragon bosses and such that take forever to kill by yourself you rely on the thrall where i feel like that extra strength should be on the player.

The only problem I have is the boredom of taking down a boss mob that is easy to avoid but has huge health. When I fight a boss mob, I am very active, but prefer a high DPS thrall alongside me to get it over with quicker.
As I said, you can always use a lesser thrall.

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Personally, I have always had a slight disdain for “full encumbrance” spec as it is a bit OP, and not very realistic. ( I get that it is a game ) I find it a bit ridiculous that people constantly respec, and am always in my final fighting spec.
I would like to see them “nerf” respeccing to have a time penalty.
Possibly my disdain comes from my EA days, when you could not even move at over-encumbrance, there were no followers to carry your six tons of rocks, wood, etc, and you had to actively monitor your farming intake.


I haven’t seen how they will do this, the new attribute system, etc., so it’s hard to have an informed opinion, but the way I see it right now, this will only help offline raiding.

I want to see all those who favor nerfing thralls taking one of them to kill Black Tusk or the Arena Champion. Or, even better, a Rockslide.
We need to remember that not everyone has a clan. Not everyone is skilled at fighting. I can kill the Arena Champion naked with a poor weapon, but many complain having lost thralls, very good thralls, and dying there. Should I demand everyone meets my standards and be affected by them? Obviously not.

The fact is nerfing thralls MAY cut some people from parts of the game. Healing is nerfed. Do you think a weak thrall will take you through the whole warmaker dungeon, boss after boss, if you don’t spend half your time bandaging him and spending one hour cooking high regen foods for him, crafting healing arrows, etc.? I won’t even mention what will happen to weak thralls inside the Volary of harpies. So, think again. For some people, simply crafting obsidian composite will become a nightmare. All it takes is getting a little too close to the boss in front of the furnace and aggroing the whole group. The world boss poisonous snake bellow the Arena eats weak thralls for a hobby, fhs… lvl4 surges will become impossible for solo players. If a calamity surge hits, all they can do is run.
As I said, not everyone has a clan.

Not everyone needs to be a skilled player if the thralls are strong enough.
If this isn’t very well thought, what we will see is people piling thralls to defend their base (instead of having less, well trained strong thralls), hurting server performance in result, and offline raiding becoming way easier.

So, with the info available, this seems to only benefit skilled players and cowards. Those in the middle get… you know.

So, let’s see what will they come up with. I hope you don’t need to give up being a strong fighter to put points in a needless attribute because thralls were nerfed to the ground.
This seems another case of pvp hurting the game of everyone else if it looks what it seems.

Unless thralls come with a MUCH better AI, nerfing them is a very risky move, IMO.