Why should Thralls be Gods?

There is alot of hype about the new nerf. and honestly i want to know why a Thrall should be 4 times stronger then the Player that “owns” it.

So why should a Thrall be more powerful than you?
Comment and defend yourself, or sit in the back of the room and accept the change.

As for me, I think a Thrall should be weaker then a player, until it reaches lvl 20 then it is as strong as a player. ofc, depending on stats, it may be strong or weak in another area.

I also think Monsters(all) need Combat indicators, such as Thag, Thag is a WONDERFUL monster to fight. Balancing the HP the Damage output, etc. is needed ofc. But if they added the same style to all monsters. to give better PvE fights it would be wonderful.
As it is now, there is no PvE. it is really just watching something die in front of you. you can stand still and do nothing and they will die. and if you have a Thrall with you, you legit are doing nothing in the game.

Why should Thralls be Gods?


They should be able to do what I tell them to do, If I tell them to go kill a thing they should be able to go kill that thing, I don’t want to raise week slaves what would be the point of even having them? slave owners only keep the best of the best around if they cant kill a dragon they are of no use to me.

They do what they are told to do. But why should they be killing the Dragons, are you not the Hero of this story? or are they?
Besides, you can have an ARMY of thralls. it is by numbers, not skill. YOU are the skill.


Because I tell them to!

yes I am and they will do as they are told.

I cant take the army out to kill the dragons though…only one so I take the champion of my flock, I get in and get my hands dirty as well because standing there watching is boring, But I don’t want no limp noodle for a companion, I need them to take a beating they keep its attention while I stab it in the back. this is why my recruitment process starts with me beating them over the head with a bat. all of the rest do the chores around the house cook and stuff.

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It was widely discused already, some say that thralls should be powerful because they don’t want to be the hero, that’s alright in my opinion, thralls were extreamely Op though.
Maybe they should be strong enough to kill a dragon but with a bit of help, not all by themselves, that’s why they also nerfed bosses.

For me thralls should be strong enough to defend themselves but not strong enough to 1hit everything and kill bosses as if they were cutting bread. it was ridiculous. A player that built his/her character to be a fighter should be as strong as any thrall and the game shouldn’t depend on you carrying one to fight.

I like this patch, they could have done better in many things but overall is a good patch, aside from the obvious bugs and problems that came with it, of course.

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The answer is very symple, because AI IQ is equal to a butterfly, they don’t move like you, a player, they don’t doge, run, etc, instead what they do is facetank the enemy.
That’s why they need a lot of HP, until the AI can actually act and move like a player there is no other solution than give them a lot of HP.

I hope this clear it out


yeah this…if they got low on HP and ran away to heal up I would be ok with them being weaker but as it stands they will just stand there until they die.,…I know I have had a few weeklings just stand there and die the arena champion hits like a damn truck…

yep she does, you need a very strong Thrall to kill her because they just stand there take it.
I use healing arrows.

The more and more I think about this patch I’ve come to the current wishes for the state of the game.

  1. Thralls should be squishy, I want my thralls to fall in combat, I want to see feel the pain of having a thrall I trained up to level 20 get cut down in the middle of The Den. They shouldn’t be more powerful than the player, you’re correct once they hit 20 they should be as powerful as a full level 60 player, but not more.

  2. To compensate I want to be able to bring more thralls with me. Make it a several feat unlock that I have to spend precious points on early game, or farm fragments late game. You mentioned numbers, let those numbers matter, I should be able to raid The Den, or another base, with five thralls (or more) it should be a glorious raid where my ability to control the flow of the battle will either spell victory or defeat for my squishy men.

  3. Thrall AI needs to actually work, if my thralls are extra squishy they should use their fragile lives fighting tooth and nail for me, their overlord. They shouldn’t dance around swapping weapons or run back and forth between me and the enemy. They shouldn’t not engage the enemy. Thralls defending a base should be dangerous, not because they have 20K hitpoints and can one shot a player, but because they actually work and if you perform a raid without enough support it’s not going to end well.

  4. If I’m the hero of the story let me send thralls out into the world to get basic materials, rocks, ironstone, wood, sticks, meet, berries, etc. I see this “I want to be Hero, not my thrall” argument all the time, but it falls pretty flat when three out of four game sessions I run around with a pick while all my thralls sit back at base staring at a wall. Have them be an ingame entity when they do it, let other players find them and kill them, let AI find them and kill them, but for crying out loud let them do some damn manual labor. Make it a constructable where thralls will mine within a radius of it and fill it up, when it’s full they stop then you have to to manage the transfer of good to where you want them. Anything, just make them useful.

The kneejerk reaction is “why would I ever leave my base”, but honestly you’ll leave your base for all the reasons you do now, just not to farm stone.

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So your basic rant is that you have to farm mats, instead of having a drone do it…gotcha.

This update put thralls in a very good spot. They’re still a bit on the strong side. But nowhere near the godhood they had before. Before today’s patch, a Cannibal Brute could nearly kill any boss in the game without any input from me.

Now a Dalanisa Snowhunter needs an occasional heal if fighting some of the nastier hitting things. I don’t quite feel like my thrall is doing all the work.

I find it odd people liked how it was before. I get differing playstyles, but that wasn’t even playing the game.

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maybe we should try to walk before attempting to go to the moon…

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Because the AI is dumb and weak from being so dumb, most people are apprehensive because base defense wise thralls are barely any defense at all, with acid arrows you can shred through 20 full levels like butter from behind walls and they wont just stand there but will actively try to clump together making the arrows as effective as possible melting all the armour and weapons off.

Upside was if your AI got lucky and they missed one he might be able to catch them out, open world pvp wise I thought thralls were way too strong, boss wise very little has changed, I might even say its easier and going quicker, but whole issue I keep hearing is base defense.

Maybe a thrall buff on guard mode would be in order?

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They have more life then the Hero. even with the nerf they have ALOT more HP than the Hero. solved.

They cant roll, or dodge. (they can backflip with daggers) They have ALOT of HP. solved.

Sure im always down for better AI, but ALL MONSTERS and NPC are running the same AI. why should they have damage that is unreal to make up for the AI, they are given godly armors and weapons. solved.

The fact of the matter is, Thralls as well as Pets were and are overpowered. there was no reason for them to have that much damage, and to say you need that damage to kill monsters/bosses, is wrong as they nerf’d the HP of those types.
The only effect that is really had is so that PLAYERS are not 1-2shot.


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Seriously?!! Do we really have to bring this up AGAIN when the forum war only went quiet over this a little while ago?

The patch has only been live for a few hours and playable for even less than that. How much real play time have people had?

Why start a fight again? If you truly want peoples opinions - go back and read the hundreds of comments on this from a few weeks ago.

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All I am asking for is if the thrall is supposed to face tank a mob give them some sort of agro hold ability, what’s the use of a thrall to face tank, then I go and pokey pokey the mob with poisoned daggers and from that point on the mob forgets about the thrall anyway and targets me.

For thralls to actually work as a companion and not just a base defence, there is tons that needs to be done, like the AI going absolutely dumb to the point where the thralls looses all ability to fight when hit against a wall or rock. Thralls being trampled into the ground and not being able to move and the list goes on and on and on.

The whole thrall/pet part of the game has always been a complete ballsup, giving them more HP and making them hit harder made people happy as now they don’t actually have to do anything instead of standing there and watch.

I have no problem with weaker thralls, but the fact is the whole thrall system is jancky af.

because of BALANCE.

player intelligence will Always be 4 times Superior to a AI. That’s why they need to have much better stats/ moves.

Conan exiles is heavily focused on thralls and that’s what makes it special. If you give the thralls the same stats as we have, it’s good night man. Nobody will use them. look, when followers were first introduced no one dared bring a thrall with them on adventure, too afraid they will die. Now they are very much used and very usefull.

This game is not the classic RPG where the player is the heroe, it is Conan exiles.

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I wish that were true. It seems, however, that some players get stuck on the same topics just like our thralls can get stuck on doorways, and need a little nudge to move on.

Try recruiting some Exile Fighter I’s. They’re pretty squishy right now - my level 20 follower has 1550 hitpoints, and a T1 follower gets only 2 points of armor per point of Agility, as opposed to the 10 that T4 followers get. They also level up pretty quickly, compared to higher-tier thralls. Decked in Flawless Epic Heavy armor she’s still not in any danger of dying in the middle of the Den unless she gets ganged by a group that can cause Bleed, but I couldn’t take her to fight any serious bosses. Rotbranch would murder her, even if I helped (as measured by testing Rotbranch with a T4 Exile thrall who lost ~1800 hitpoints during the battle).

You’re on every post, trying to invalidate an argument against a game’s design flaw with ad-hominems and deliberately taking things out of context and twisting them to sound stupid. :smiley: Try to contribute for once? I mean… just a suggestion!
How about an actual argument against why the drone SHOULDN’T be able to do it?
If I have slaves, I expect them to -work-. It wouldn’t take anything from the game, it would only add to it.
What’s the use of having slaves/thralls, if you have to get firewood for your fireplace yourself, while you have people standing idle?

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