IA thrall its very bad

I wanted to take advantage and open a discussion about the thrall’ AI that is very bad, their movement is a little blocked and even when he’s about to attack enemies he often stands still looking… it’s very bad


Its definitely something that needs more work. But its way better than it was a few patches ago. Still got some ways to go.


I think it is built-in to the unreal platform. Maybe check the unreal channels on discord or irc.

Yeah the AI is terrible and I won’t stop complaining about it until they get better

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I’ve found workarounds for followers… But for purge thralls where there are no user controls, yeah, pretty messed up!

Yeah its always a little strange that npcs seem (at least to me) to respond faster to aggression. If a thrall fought as well as an npc, it would be a vast improvement. I’m sure there’s a technical reason for it, but I’m just curious.

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