Fix Thrall AI of Archers/Fighters (Video)

Sorry for repetitiveness with the thralls, I really want Funcom to see and fix these issues ASAP. In the video, you can see the big issues for yourself:

Yep, who could overlook how dumb their AI is!

I’m sure they’ll fix soon, hoping at least. Every other part of the game seems pretty polished so i’m hoping.

Hey man I saw your post. Im preaching the exact same message over on the PS4 side.

Please fix combat Thralls!

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NPC’s in general, I think. Would be good to have a bit more variety than ‘I see player, I try to kill player’.

A bit more variety to their reactions and having them do stuff by themselves would be grand to see. Especially the Thralls. Even if it is just taking a break and occupying an available chair or some such action.

Appreciate it they need to fix!

Omg for sure they need like different aggressions we can choose from, radius’s they cover, and ways to protect against snipers.

Funcom fixed the ai turning back on us woo. They still put their shield away though.