DEVS PLEASE RESPOND- Thralls NOT attacking and Players not taking Damage

Okay,s o I’ve been reading through here and I have YET to see Funcom react to a single post. PLEASE don’t go the way of Paragon/Epic and think that ignoring your community is going to pave the way to a good game.

issue 1: Thralls AREN’T Melee attacking! They’ll run free of your base and their safe grounds and then just stand in front of the enemy, not attacking and getting killed. Losing the work you put into arming them and taming them int he first place! It’s been MONTHS now we’ve been waiting for thralls to work, WHEN are you going to FIX this funcom? The thralls are only like, almost HALF the depth of the game and the ONLY way to protect yourself when offline. That’s all.

Issue 2: PS4 and YES we have recorded this _ There are players running around with impossible to build legit builds. (On Official) With Maxed Incumb, Agility, Vitality and Strength. They are using all the perks and two of them take ZERO damage. One of them ran up today on a base, and was beaten by surprise when NAKED, fell OFF one of the TALLEST broken bridge’s of the game. SURVIVED and RAN OFF. WTF? If thralls are 40% of the depth of the game, PVP’s gotta be that or more. Small servers and a small map mean one guy, or a few guys doing this can KILL the server. You still DON’T have a cheater report system. We even have the evidence, and nothing!

PLEASE ACTUALLY RESPOND- I can’t believe you’re wanting to sell us DLC when the core components of the game are til woefully broken.

Server 3527

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Hello, Devs? Anything?

Seriously? Does anyone pop into these on the funcom side?

Hi there,

Sorry for the late response and the frustration that has caused you. I am not a dev but I can help out a bit. For your first issue, This is a bug in the game currently. I have moved this thread to the #conan-exiles:Exiles-PS4-Updates topic for better visibility.

As for your second issue, Funcom Customer Support is unable to take action against these types of exploiting. Again, I am very sorry for the frustration this has caused as well.

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Thralls can’t damage/get damaged by players when PvP building damage is off. At least, that is how it works on PC, I am not sure which version of the game is on ps4 atm

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Feel free to bookmark the Dev Tracker if you’d like to keep track of answers from us:

If you have ANY evidence or information on cheating or exploits, please be sure to report them here:

We we will continue to work on improvements to thrall AI. I understand the frustration, so we appreciate your patience!


hi all and devs
For us on server 3891 the thralls were working up till update on 6/6.
as we’re building up we have seen players running around naked in our base and the thralls not reacting. with war upon us they are our line of defence. we need this fix ASAP.

thank you devs
thralls working again .

nope devs are ignoring the true players that report real bugs they don’t even want u to use support system any more cause there short staff lol sent in a support tickets and was told to come here and get ignored lol no way a will pay for this dlc no way they will fix over 500 major bugs in this game when they are short staff

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