PVE Thralls not attacking Players

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Platform: PC
Game mode: PVE server 401
Problem: Bug

Thralls are no longer attacking other players on the PVE server. This gives annoying players the opportunity to destroy other players thralls WITHOUT being attacked back. If Funcom can make it so Thralls can defend against other players again and if not. At least make it so other players CAN NOT hurt a players thralls. This can be very annoying for those trying to defend their bases offline from the purge when other players can just come kill their thralls.

Thanks and loving the game other wise so far.

My wife just texted me and said all our thralls were killed. I didnt know they dont defend themselves against other players on PVE, thats dumb. Are they going to fix it?

I don’t know what’s happening here but we tested this on an unofficial private server set to pve and no one can kill tamed thralls not even the owners. There is only 2 ways to kill them on pve, one been the server admin with an admin command and two the owner by means that I won’t discuss here. Of course the third option is purges or wildlife but that doesn’t apply to this topic. Maybe someone dragged something to your base and kill them? Or you had a purge and missed it, idk