Thralls attacking owned thralls on PVE servers

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Noticed thralls when set to attack all now attack guarding thralls owned by other players on pve servers, they don’t do any damage but they seem to go after everyone I walk past and have to retrieve them or tell them to stop, I could probably put them on other behaviours just thought I should mention it as this is an after update problem and they weren’t doing it before, it’s not a massive problem though.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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If this is the same problem we had on PC, then they’re also apt to go chasing after rabbits, baby shalebacks, etc. with murderous intent, even when you’re fighting actual threats.

Be careful and hopefully they’ll get their meds soon. :sweat_smile:


Yea they definitely do have a lot more blood lust now and they seem to not want to stop either, it’s not a massive issue, just watching a thrall go mental at thralls that can’t die and having to pull them off can get annoying haha


One thing we did on PC, in the interim, was to set following thralls to Attack Nothing. Then, if we wanted them to engage, manually target a monster/NPC and use the Attack command. In fact, I still do this in Sepermeru so I don’t get the whole city attacking me while looking for T4s. Of course, I seem to recall the command subsystem being unreliable on consoles sooo… :grimacing: