My own thralls started attacking me

On a live private server I created a clan and I was immediately attacked by all my thralls. Restarting the server fixed it, but I’m going to guess most other people don’t have that option.

It is the same on official servers. if you have thralls before you get into a clan those ownership rights wont be yours anymore. Strangely if you hit them with a club (got a message that you cannot harm it with that tier of weapon) but the next time you are in the area they are not hostile at least. Still can’t access inventory of them.
I tried it with a dancer. the workstation thralls don’t seem to be bothered by it.

Also thralls… ON PVE Thralls really shouldn’t attack other players!!!
And should be an option to lock everything else not just certain chests. I mean Our priestesses were robbed numerous times from the altar. It is a shame if that is intentional that those nice buildings HAS to be enclosed. also WoP is open so anyone can take the finished thralls from it (and the taskmaster.) So it is a bit silly IN PVE at least. There is no way to get them back or kill the thief or at least cut his/her arm down…