Thralls attacking their owner

I have logged in, and my thralls started to attack me… (only the combat ones), some attacks were provoked and some unprovoked (archer-provoked, fighter-unprovoked).
I could still manage their gear and move them, but even after moving them they still remain aggresive.
Note I have full purge bar.
PS: I have some screenshots.

I also left one of the thralls alive (aggresive one).

after restart they ceased to be aggresive

I got the same problem on my server and i have no clue how to solve this. Is their any workaround?

did you join a clan?

I did create one, yes.

did you join or create a clan after the thralls were already placed? if so thats why they are attacking you as they see you as an enemy its a known bug thats been around for a long time

That is why. Basically something about creating a Clan with thralls out already results in them seeing you as the enemy. I beleive logging out and back in updates the database and solves the issue. If not a server reset will.

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haha i forgot to add that part about relogging fixing it, i think the reason thralls see you as an enemy has to do with ppl leaving clans and or joing other clans its to prevent someone from leaving a clan and attacking everything without the thralls doing anything about it?

Yes, i have created the clan while they were placed already. I do know of this issue for a long time but didn’t experienced it until now. I relogged to the Server and rebooted it, too. Nothing seems to help. This is a serios issue and i hoped for it to be fixed long ago. :frowning:

Delete the Clan

Slave revolt when making a clan hehe

I deleted it but to no avail :frowning:

Then you have a bit of an issue. I just deleted the clan and it solved the issues. I hope there is a solution for you. You may just have to murder them all. Teach them not to rebel.

Hello i have the same problem as the Ryu . Atm searching forums to fidne a solution couse im playing on official server and dont have option to reset server and since im playing solo it did take me a while to catch them all . I did also made a clan to have a log and now thralls are broken. Hope Devs will read and replay with a solution to this bug couse i see some people still have it.