Thralls attacking the owner

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [ALL]

If you get combat Thralls, put em in place, then create a clan, returning to base your Thralls will attack you on sight. This is very annoying because you have to kill Thralls you took so long to get and train.

I also would like to suggest QoL adding orders for Thralls don’t attack guests.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build Wheel of Pain.
  2. Get Thralls and place them around your base.
  3. Create a clan.
  4. Get attacked.

Sorta technically working as intended… This has been brought up repeatedly on forums.

Who ‘owns’ the thrall before you create a clan? “PCnamehere”
Who ‘owns’ the thrall created after you create a clan? “clannamehere”

Since PCnamehere does not equal clannamehere, thrall attacks.

Create clan before making first thrall
Save thralls in a box, and only place them after clan is created

Working as intended for who? codes? this can be changed easily. No sense at all this way, a new player will get frustated because he will never see this comming, people don’t like to see their time wasted because of a simple code.

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This is definitely a bug.

You can tell by when you follow the repro steps, the thrall who is attacking you can still be interacted with by holding the E button. You can move them and tell them to follow.

Ownership transfers, attack table does not.

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