Attacked by my own Thralls after creating Clan?

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [ Bug
Region: USA

Just like the title says, I placed a handful of thralls yesterday, today I made a clan and my Thralls I had placed started attacking me and acting like they were not mine.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place Thralls
  2. Create or join a clan
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Ran into this last night and almost rage quit after I had to kill my own defenders in order to get back into my own house. Seriously Funcom?!?

I have seen this before, also. There is a big of an “ownership loop” that happens with regard to thralls, and clanning up. If at all possible, I would recommend clanning up prior to placing a large number of combat thralls. Really, the only other alternative might be to disarm them all, clan up, and then come through to “take care” of them when they go aggro on you.

Seriously Funcom, you need to solve this issue asap, thralls play a big role in this game, cant wipe them all because of this , please find a way to fix this. Thanks

If you create a clan, or join a clan, you lose your thralls, and containers.
So chose wisely at the beginning, or don’t build and break to much thralls before joining the clan you wish.

Unfortunately there isn’t realy a workaround for that, and it was still so and has not changed with the release.

Should not excuse the issue. This is NOT working as intended and new players will be extremely frustrated by this. So, don’t excuse it, fix it.

I know, but like said. I have over 700h and never saw it an other way. I would also wish there was a way to join a clan without having to kill the own thralls to enter the base. XD

And hey, i’m just a player like you, not a dev, just trying to help out.

You guy’s don’t know how lucky you are, you must be playing PvP servers !

Us on PvE servers have a bigger issue. After you join a clan, we too lose control of all our thralls but then the problem is made worse by the fact no-one in the server can kill a thrall either !

I like the fact that players can’t kill the captured thralls, best move Funcom have made in months for PvE gameplay but now we are left to walk around the dormant thralls until a mob kills them or an Admin removes them for us.

This is clearly a bug and not intended. Whilst it has been like this for some time, Im confident this isn’t meant to be.

There is clearly an issue with the ownership being transferred to the new clan. We are still able to open chests previously owed, open doors, build and use workstations, it’s just yet another bug with the thrall system.