I lost control of all my Thrall after creating a clan?

Like i said, i just wanted to create a clan to let my friend that is starting playing with me and not long after.
kinda realise all my thrall are not mine anymore… ?

its just like 20 of them in middle of my way all equiped that i cant do anything with them…
is there just anyway to get those back… ?

The only way i can think of would be to load a backup from before you created the clan.
But then you wouldn’t be able to create a clan with your friend without losing the thralls again.

Might wanna consider making your CLAN first next time to avoid any troubles down the road.

Imagine that EVERY new player would need to be notified about this at the start of the game, because you never know this but experiencing it.

So, its common sense that this system is not clever at all, and should be done the right way, FC fixing it.

I mean the other day i tested out making a clan after taming a thrall and they converted over to me still like he was mine all along. Not sure whats going on your end, did u do this on PC or console?

It happens with everyone on pc, not sure about other platforms, and sometimes the Thralls bug out not attacking you (or anyone), then some time later they attack. So its clrealy that this is not working right.

Yeah it needs to be fixed asap

We have don’t this on our server and didn’t have it occur so it doesn’t always happen on PC

Would be interesting to see how this happens.

It also didn’t happen to a player that joined my clan when he already owned thralls they just joined our clan as well that was yesterday.

its on PC in a PvE server
thats my main problem… i cant kill them… they are just constantly on the way
never tought making one should have done this. i know leaving one is a big no…
but… well
would not like that they attack me there is still…7 archer that i cant reach easy and 9 fighter lvl 3-4 that are sitting right in a little maze that i made in front of my door

Hummmmmm, so there is a chance that behavior won’t happen indeed, it needs to be adressed because players who play solo at start will never know that they have a risk of loosing their thralls (even worst, be killed by them) :stuck_out_tongue: