Lost control of all my Thrall after creating a clan?


Like i said, i just wanted to create a clan to let my friend play with me and not long after.
kinda realise all my thrall are not mine anymore… ?

its just like 20 of them in middle of my way that i cant do anything with them… stuck in my house…
is there just anyway to get those back… ?

This is an annoying thing since EA and Devs are too lazy to change it so this couldnt happen anymore.

You have to kill them and get new ones, yes it sucks. :frowning:

i cant kill them… its PvE server… lol and now 2 are bugued in my base…


In one thread I pointed out that the warning messages you get when leaving a clan of 1 is incorrect and a Funcom moderator actually says it’s working as intended, which is ridiculous. This shows they really don’t care and won’t even acknowledge it as an issue.

The message says you lose all your buildings and thralls, but you ‘actually’ keep all your buildings and lose your thralls. The same thing happens when creating a new clan but unfortunately you don’t get any warnings at all, not that they’d be correct even if you did…

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