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Hey all… can someone clear this up for me… I was in a small grp/clan… my 2 friends have now left the clan and game due to all the glitches and stuff. So my question is… now I’m alone in the game I’m still in a clan and I’m the leader… if I leave the clan it says I’ll lose all my buildings and stuff to the clan… but as no one but me is in it… do I lose everything or will it all still.be mine…

You will lose it.

More exact you vill lose evrything that not in youre bag! And what youre new clan can loot.

You will lose it as in you lose the control of the structures and ability to open containers/vaults. On top of everything, thralls will attack you :slight_smile:

Yeah, all will be lost. The Clan system is very harsh in that regard (and the main reason I still don’t want to join one).

Thanks for replies. . That sucks… but then this isn’t a well thought out mechanic. So all my guys leAve and I can’t join with others to.play without starting again… poor very poor… question is… why do I still bloody play… I think it’s time.to knock.this game on the head… a waste…but too.many issues… and with a 2 week holiday planned for February. The decay timer will.kick.in and I’ll come back to no base at all… oh the joy. Thought games were.meant to be fun and a pass time activity not a drain on my life… so what’s the point of playing on… :angry::angry::angry::angry: FUNcom.?more glumcom. He he see what I did there. Jokes… like this game.:laughing:

When i was do somthing like this i was leader too alone my friend never come back so i kicked him out was grab the best stuff and was leave my clan too join some other guys and at the end all my buldings was go over too the new clan this was after the full release on x box back in may i think after this i never try it again

But unless you have big t3 citadells or so Everything is easy yo rebuild when you are lv 60 and bring the crafting thralls whit you!

True, only fighter thralls and placed pets are lost this way - and the buildings of course, but you can pull them down beforehand and recover a part of the materials.

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If you join a new clan all buildings and containers will transfer to that clan. As long as your the clan leader of your clan. All members will transfer too. And thralls.

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