Help please, i lost all

Game mode: [Online
Problem: BUG
Region: [AMERICA

id psn: juhbenezar
clan name: Winterfel
server: 3522
I tried the clan for a friend and couldn’t, the clan option didn’t appear for me, so blur the clan and when I created again said my stuff wasn’t mine. I lost everything. you will have to install the game if it has no way. because everything I did in the game is there. can anyone help?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Nothing you can do the game itself tells you that you will lost everything if you left the clan its not a bug

Hello @Junior, when you join a clan, everything you own becomes the clan’s property.

As Dr.BloodBomb has mentioned, you also receive a notification stating that buildings and thralls you own will be left behind with the clan should you leave it.


My friend, I was alone in the clan. I was as clan leader. I didn’t leave the clan, I undid the clan. Help pls

Get rid of that name, it brings bad luck :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve started, and left clans, without this issue. Only if there was another member would you lose all your buildings.

Have you waited for the server restart? It may revert ownership back to you.

If not, dependant on how big your base is.
The only option you really have, is to build a wall around it, protected with crenalated walls, or spikes, and wait for your old base to decay.
You can then remove all your decayed items, demolish your base, and start again. Bigger, and better than before.

Good luck!

I know, but I had a hope that the support would take some action.
but I see that this part of this game is useless unfortunately.
I’ve been getting discouraged with this game, there are many mistakes. It’s getting boring.

Yes, the clan system does have it’s limitations. It definitely could do with some reworking.

When you check your building with the repair hammer what does it say?

Say it’s from the clan I undid.
and just to be sure, there was NO one inside the clan.

Ok, so did you make a new clan? Is it just you in there now?
Or has your friend joined?

What do you mean you “undid” the clan?

I am not trying to be mean, just looking for clarification of the action taken.

Just letting you and others know in case you don’t, but Tab now show building details, so repair hammers now are only needed for repair.

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Yes that’s true, he’s on PS4 though😁, but I don’t think many PC players even know that.

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Oops, my bad, I always forget about consoles :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok, if your friend can remain in the new clan I advise you to leave. Wait until the server restarts, hopefully ownership might revert back to you.
If not you need to use my method to secure your loot.

Good luck!

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