Leaving a clan of 1

What happens If I leave my clan when I’m the only one in it? Do I get control of everything or do I loose everything to a phantom clan?

So it says… But it simply changed the owner from the clan to my character.

I retained everything.

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Yeah i had the same, weird that it seems they overlooked this right?

Good to know though…the clan bug, showing me offline when I am not, bothers me a bit. Not as much as no weather though.

Not when you think about how ‘much’ they’ve overlooked!

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Oh yes a whole lot indeed, i assume that the one who did the console ui was high as a kite, so many misses there!

It was not overlooked. From what was done during the EA, this is working as intended.

Cattibria - That is okay also as it sounds like it is working fine.

I don’t see how it can be working as intended when it does ‘not’ make you lose all buildings. What it says will happen is not what happens. Either the description is wrong or the action is wrong.

So something was indeed overlooked.

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If you’re the owner/creator and the clan leader (even if only one)… of course the clan leader would lose it.
It just simply reverts back to the owner/creator … right?

I made a clan thinking I would add a friend. However he joined another clan and they all want to add me. I just want to be sure that If I dishpan my clan, I wont loose everything. This is on a PvE server so I can’t just blow up my lost base and take my stuff if I loose it.

You won’t. I tested it before responding to this thread where I stated that I retained everything upon disbanding my clan.

As you can see here, it simply reverts the owner to my character since I was the last (and only) player in the clan.

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I did it. Thank you.

I hate to say this especially for all your work you’ve already put into it.
Are you really sure you want to disband your clan and join another?
Because if you do, all that you own will go to the new clan and you’ll lose ownership of your those things you worked to get.
So think it over real good before you decide to join another clan.
I’ve seen reports of it happening and it’s one of the dirtiest, underhanded, backstabbing, low-life tactics I’ve seen.

I give up. I showed multiple times in this thread that we retain our structure ownership…

If they take ownership back out of their single player clan, no biggie. They get back what they built.
It’s when they join someone else’s clan where it gets dirty.

Yeah if they get kicked. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was common, actually.

And I think I misread your post at first. Whoops.

I’ve read enough posts to know it happens.
So it’s definitely something someone has to consider.

(heh… no worries).

It’s not overlooked. They just haven’t updated the tooltip to coincide with them caving in and nerfing it.

Prior to, as near as i can tell, a few days to a week ago if you left a clan of one then you lost everything. The clan still existed in the DB with 0 members, and all items still belonged to the clan. What is shown in the tooltip is completely accurate as to how the system has functioned for the past 18 months. Whether a stealth nerf or an unintended glitch, you now can leave a clan of one and keep all of your items.

Right, but that’s not how it functions now.
If you change the way something works and don’t update the description to reflect that change, that’s an oversight. That’s a prime example of the very definition of “overlooked”.