Clan leaving question


Hey All,
In a one man clan if you leave the clan it says all my stuff stays with clan.
Where does it go?


Exactly what it says. All ownership stays with the clan. If you leave the clan you forfeit all rights to it.


Yes I understand what it says ,If I am the only one then there is no clan.
Its not like I joined for the loot sharing and rip of others and leave then I would say yes that’s the way it should be and has to be.
Thanks Again


When I did this (testing the limits) I discovered that the items stayed in the game. I could not interact with the items like doors, chests, and such as it belonged to someone else.

The purpose for the test was to see if I could change characters (gender/appearance) without losing work I had done on a fort. I was hoping that I could rejoin the clan and have a place to live when I reached the area again. Didn’t happen that way.


Well thanks I am Glad I didn’t Leave: :rofl:
and thank you for you time and for the test you did.:smiley::smiley:
Thanks Again


It’s supposed to decay, unless that setting is turned off :slight_smile:




The last member of a clan gets all of the clan property when the clan is dissolved.


Well That would be me since its only a 1 man band
Thanks for advice.:smiley:


After the patch in solo/co-op:
Does the last clan member, being the only clan member, still lose control of clan property if the player recreates the character?
What happens to the property if the game is played in co-op and the host recreates their character and the “friend” joining is not playing?


In solo/coop, yes. When I tested this everything disappeared they way it is designed.

It becomes the property of the friend. Thralls will be hostile towards the new character and you will not be able to access anything that is locked or behind doors.


When I was the only clan member, I was warned before I recreated my character that everything belonging to the clan would be lost, but the buildings and other assets did not disappear, they remained in the world as belonging to someone other. You are saying that the assets WILL disappear now?
Notice: I am speaking of recreating only not restarting.


That is what is supposed to happen by design. It is possible that they remain and the decay system removes them. I have not tested this yet.


I tested this day. The game no longer allows me to recreate my character without leaving the clan. If I leave the clan, all the assets return to me as I am the only member and therefore the last member. I was fearful of trying to recreate my character after building, the stuff I did will likely disappear now.