I have a question help me please

Hei All, I was in a clan but now I am alone. if I leave this clan will I still have my build and thralls ? Im on Xbox (offi)


Nope it will all belong to the clan

I lost everything ?

I was in a clan but now I’m alone in this clan, if i leave this clan, would I lose everything?

Not everything but most. Any friends or (soon to be) new clan mates online? Demolish a wall and start dropping resources and movable thralls into sacks. Have your friends move them to new chests where you want to build.

Build a vault, take the vault to your inventory, take everything that u can, destroy everything, exit from the clan, place the vault and drop your items inn… thats your fast solution.

…and remember to unlock the vault before you drop clan.

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hehehe vaults comes already locked when you place them… but exit clan first then place the vault is more secure and you will get a vault instead leave it to the old clan

Sorry, I didn’t follow. I thought we were recommending setting an existing clan asset, unlocking it, making it accessible, dropping clan, and then emptying said clan asset.

The point people are trying to make is:

If you join a clan, everything you built becomes clan property.

If you leave a clan (or are kicked out), only the items you are carrying go with you. Everything else stays as clan property. This also means you lose your bed and bed roll.

The suggestions they are giving are ways to raid your existing clan of all it’s resources and take them with you.

Ok thanks

When I join a clan with a friend, everything is his, and everything he’s offered me is mine. We work and build and gather as an organism. It scales up pretty well, but you need to have a division of what’s “yours” and what’s “the clan’s.” That way you know they will draw from your armor boxes or weapons only in times of great necessity. This does not apply, like I was saying in a duo – what’s mine is his/hers.

In the past I have joined clans of as-then unknown membership, quality or scale. As a self-protective player, I felt it best to keep what was mine – at the point I joined them – separate for an emergency. So I built a corridor through a portion of wasteland, and hidden in plain sight behind one of the walls in the airlock – two large chests and a bedroll. Before I placed the chests I weakened a wall and foundation to within a couple 1000 HP. When things got hairy with the clan, I set my spawn to that bedroll just in case. I was able to leave with dignity, and without stealing from a group I could no longer abide.

I would love to see some more settings to organize the clan via rights/permissions.

We once had that guy in our clan who deleted our main base over night… :frowning:

The lowest rank in the clan should not be able to destroy structures or open certain doors maybe. But on the other hand I would feel bad for treating a new clan mate like that. I don’t want to make it a discussion about morals but what helped us a lot is inviting people to Discord and speak to them. It’s hard to start a ‘relationship’ or teamwork with a new player if you put up a wall of distrust right from the start.

From my experience are old but respected enemies the most reliable new team mates. Of course only if the previous gameplay wasn’t all that toxic and so on.

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