How to leave a clan without losing everything

Disclaimer - Method One will probably will not work on PVE servers or anywhere “containers ignore ownership”, prevents locking and unlocking…

So you joined a Clan, but for whatever reason it’s time to move on.
Maybe smaller groups would be more advantageous, or you just want to go back to solo play.

But you don’t want to lose your build spot, or the things you had when you joined?

Joining a clan doesn’t have to be a total loss, but it will require work and planning to leave a clan.

This guide will tell you how to leave and keep some of your things.
It will not be easy, it’s not going to be a quick fix, but you can do it.

  • Step 1: Make large chests or vaults twice as many as needed to hold your things.

  • Step 2: Find an area away from any clan land claim, place the containers, save half for step four.

  • Step 3: Begin moving everything to the containers. If you want to keep your build spot you will need to disassemble all the buildings anything that landclaim’s Don’t forget thralls to help you get restarted. However only crafters or unplaced fighters/archers/entertainers. can be taken. Leveled thralls will always belong to the clan. Move or break bond with any placed thrall on your desired spot.

  • Step 4: You are ready to leave, make sure all containers are unlocked, leave clan. take the second half of the containers and place them somewhere safe, move all your items. lock the new non-clan owned containers.

  • Step 5: Begin rebuilding on your spot. If you plan ahead you can take enough material with you to complete a base

To avoid ill will, negotiation with the clan leader might be advised. and agreed upon amounts taken into consideration. The clan can then retrieve the containers still owned by the clan.

This method can be used to break up a larger clan into smaller groups, if deemed
advantageous due to the new thrall limit.

If choosing Vaults be aware they can’t be picked back up like chests, except on modded servers with a pick up mod.

                      **Method two by Suggested by Oduda**

Method two can be used on PVE servers, remember you will only own what is in your inventory.

  • if you wish to retain ownership of your build spot, tearing down every clan owned building on that spot will still be necessary, as well as the removal of all clan placed thralls.

  • Step 1: Respec to max encumbrance.

  • Step 2: Put everything you want into your inventory.

  • Step 3: Leave.


A combination of these two methods could be used to both reduce or eliminate the number of containers necessary or exceed the 200 slot limit of the player inventory used by this method.

As always doing this with the guild leaders help, is less likely to create drama.

                               **Absent clan leadership**

These Methods, could also be used by the entire clan in the event of the clan leader becoming inactive without passing leadership.

By every still active member loading up, quitting the clan, then reforming and rebuilding under new leadership.

ALL clan owned buildings and thralls will be lost, breaking bond is and total disassembly of all buildings recommended in this circumstance.


I believe this only works on PvP (perhaps PvE-C too), right?

anywhere that “containers ignore ownership” allows for locking and unlocking containers.

But yes it’s geared more toward pvp servers.

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I will add don’t forget thralls.
thanks for the suggestion.@zerog


Right, figured that’d be worth mentioning before someone tries this on a PvE server.

Joining the wrong clan is enough of a kick in the gonads as it is, but I believe on PvE your only option (unless you have friends to help you) is to load up your personal inventory and walk off into the sunset.


Thanks Mikey, I don’t really mess with pve, so sometimes I forget it’s a different ballgame.
I’m old and senile :slight_smile: added a disclaimer.


I know where you are coming from, but i would go with “experienced” and “wise” myself :slight_smile: My kid may not agree.


Ok, it took quite a few edits, but I think it’s concise and clear.

Anyone with questions feel free to ask.

@Barnes you have my permission to use this in one of your youtube Barnes Guides if you so desire.


I still have your original write-up that you made just for me, but thankfully I never had to use it! It’s great you released it though, it’s what the people want. :smiley:

ETA: many clans will take this sort of caching as an act of war. I will only refer to getting back what’s rightly yours, and returning to the state at which you joined the clan.

Thanks to the advanced info in the Event Log, in order to get away with your goods and thralls, you should launder it through a bench. As in, pick up Njoror Battleborn (whom you brought to the clan) and use him in his bench, then never put him back. Same for all the mats you placed in the bench. It looks a lot less suspicious, but be warned: most clan leaders I’ve met watch their logs, or have them watched incessantly.

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Yes, this is something which should be done carefully.
Judicious use is in order.

Seems to me that maintaining a list of what you brought to the clan when joining would be good. However, like most companies in RL, when you are part of them, all your efforts are towards the clan and not for personal gain, so if you build stuff, tame thralls, find elite equipment, it all belongs to the clan. Your ability to do all those things and continue holding onto them through wars is supported by the clan’s strength.

So in my opinion, unless you leave the clan with the list that you prepared upon joining the clan, you are stealing from the clan, so expect a very hostile reaction.

Naturally, if you and the clan agree to part ways on good terms, then they will likely let you keep a fair amount of your contributions. If you leave on bad terms and do not have any up front contracts on what you may depart with, you have a good chance of losing it soon, when they hunt you down :wink:

PvE you have the option to change private servers to ignore ownership, or use the Unlock Plus (with pickup) mod to lock and unlock chests, doors and craft stations. But as stated above, not in Official servers. My friend and I decided to clan up together when we were new to Conan, but because the purges kept happening at my base and never hers, we decided to unclan to get our own purges. Oops! Now I own all her stuff. Took tons of work to restore her possessions.

On PvE, I am now extremely wary of joining clans or allowing anyone to join me. I would only suggest it on PvE servers that have decay enabled and if the player joining is not someone that plays frequently enough to keep buildings and thralls alive. I might have trust issues, lol.

Just some thoughts and not sure if any is really valid for adding to the guide.

People have used the clan system to take advantage of others who were unaware of the property loss involved in the clan system.

I don’t get involved with clans myself as a rule.
But if I did, I would try to negotiate my departure, so leaving would be as painless as possible.

If an agreement couldn’t be reached I would do what @Mikey said, and leave with what I had in my inventory.

And under extreme conditions I would switch servers.

This guide was only to show leaving a clan is not necessarily a hopeless task.

Maybe I should include negotiation as a step?
I added an addendum regarding consent, thank you @Barnes and @sirvink for bringing this to my attention.

Other suggestions and questions are welcome, if you think of something I or others have not, feel free to speak up.

Thank you again to all who contributed I couldn’t have done this without you. :smiley:


With the thrall cap etc. It makes more sense to solo on PVE -c now. PVP a clan is a good idea. But its just better to play solo. Build interesting structures but build smaller than usual. Easy to defend locations.

Solo is now the way to go. If I didnt actually like my clan mates. Id go solo

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Its great to show people how to get out. I was a little shocked when I first found out that clans take possession of everything when joining. As a result I would never join a clan; only form my own.

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Step 1: Respect to max encumbrance.
Step 2: Put everything you want into your inventory.
Step 3: Leave.

:stuck_out_tongue: Ok this will work WAY better on a PvE server than a PvP server because well, you’ll just be asking to get killed and robbed otherwise.


Thank you, this method is also viable.
this eliminates the necessity for the containers.

When I first thought this up, it was before the encumbrance thing was possible.
originally in early EA over-encumbrance didn’t allow movement at all


Yes those were sad times indeed. I could barely ever walk back then.

There’s also a max number of slots (200 I think) to your inventory. Granted, you can fit a lot of stuff in 200 slots but hardly everything.

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The 200 slots though would be enough to restart. Key craftsmen and weapons are really all thats irreplaceable. After that its just luxury items.

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