Merging clans on PvE

I have a clan together with my wife. We each have a fairly elaborate base. Now we’ve met people we would like be in a clan with, but they also have their own clan with bases.

My questions are:

  1. Is it possible to leave a clan to join another without loosing access to one own base?
  2. What happens when the last member of a clan leaves?
  1. When you leave a clan and are not the last member of that clan, then the clan retains ownership of all the property.
  2. When the last member of a clan leaves, all property reverts to their personal ownership.

So, to merge clans:

  1. The current leader of the clan that will be absorbed should remove all other members.
  2. Once they are the only one left, they should select the option to leave the clan.
  3. The warning message they will receive is really only applicable if they were not the last member, it can be safely ignored.
  4. Once the clan has been disbanded, the leader of your new clan should invite the people who belonged to the clan that was just disbanded.
  5. Once the former leader accepts, all the property of the old clan will be owned by the new clan.

We’ve had folks do this on the PvE Official I’m on many times without incident. However, if you’re apprehensive, join a new server, create test characters, form a clan, and then try it yourself. That way you can see for yourselves how it works.


Thank you for your quick answer!

I have been researching the question on the internet as well. You know, multiple sources and all that.
One thing that concerns me, is that some indicate you may loose all thralls as well?

Well thralls, pets, buildings… they’re all considered clan property. I won’t be on tonight as I’m heading to the movies after work, but if you want to join PvE #1502 Thursday evening, I could give you couple thralls to test this out with, just ask for Alis.

Fusion n’est pas le bon terme , il faut plus parler de clan (n°2) absorber par un autre (n°1) .

Pour organiser une fusion, une fois que tout les membres sont en accord pour continuer avec un groupe commun (nom de bannière et chef du clan), autant donner RDV à tous les membres du clan absorbé (n°2) avec un joueur ayant le grade suffisant pour le recrutement , sur un endroit facile à rejoindre pour tout le monde (comme une obélisque ).

Ensuite, la procédure parait effrayante mais en fait est assez simple !
Le chef du clan absorbé (n°2) exclu tout les joueurs (présent ou non)
Le recruteur du clan restant (n°1) invite à rejoindre chacun des membres avec le bouton interaction en étant face au joueur .

Ainsi tous les bâtiments, npc, pets deviennent communs !

arf la traduction retire certains termes : fusion est plus un clan n°1 qui absorbe un clan n°2

Uhm. I am sorry, but I do not speak french, and Google Translate is not particular clear, so I am not certain what you are trying to say.

After looking at the translation, it doesn’t look like they had any additional insight to add, so I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s possible they chimed in so that if a French player does a search for the same issue that they can also find useful info.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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