Clans - How do they work - PC

Hi guys,

Got some basic questions about clans. I have read a lot of different responses to this and was hoping to clear it up.

I’m running a private server for me and a few friends, might take it public soon and up the slots on it.

We’ve all run around and made 3 seperate clans between 6 of us, i’m by myself, 3 are in on and 2 in another.

We’ve all built quite fantastic bases and want to potentially join clans. What are the effects if say I left my clan (the only member in it) and joined another? Would i lose access to all my items?

Cheers all!

I believe this correct - clan members (not the leader) lose all access to bases when they leave the clan. So the correct way to do this would be pick which clan name everyone wants to be associated with (we’ll call it Clan Awesome). Then have all clan members who aren’t in that clan leave their current clan and join Clan Awesome. Then the other 2 clan leaders accept invite to the new clan. They may have to leave their old clan first, it’s the only step I’m not clear on.

Note that it’s possible through database magic (aka SQL queries) to change ownership so it all belongs to your newly created “Omnibus clan”, but the specifics (simple if you have any experience with SQL) are beyond the scope of this post.

If you have decaying buildings inactive, then this is it. Activate the dacaying and they’ll be destroyed. The trhalls may still there though unless feeding system is active so they will die from starvation eventually (didn’t checked that, but that’s how it is supposed to works)

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