If i join clan i will loose everything?

Hi exiles. I am playing at ps4 pvp official server. I am playing solo now without clan. If i join to a friend clan i will loose my base and my staff? I am 90% sure that i will not but i want to be 100% sure.

your bases will become clan bases but if you decide to leave that clan in a day you won’t be able to get your stuff back

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You will not lose anything, but everything you’ve built Will become “co-owned” with your clan. Should you then either leave or get kicked from the clan, you’ll lose your buildings and stored items.

“Clan phishing” is a thing in CE, where random people will invite and kick you to get your stuff. Beware.


No i know the guy. We started at the server solo but now we want to have a clan

whoever is the clan leader owns by title all the clan resources. If you are removed from the clan then you take only what you possess on your character’s inventory

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