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I play on an official Server. My Questions is: Can i swap to another clan. Iam alone in my Clan and i will join another clan with my buildings and thralls. Is it Possibile or will i loose everything?


Once you joined a clan, your buildings and thralls became everybody’s buildings and thralls. My understanding is that your prior stuff will no longer be accessible if you leave the clan.

That depends. Are you the clan leader? If so, when you leave the clan you retain possession of all the clan’s assets. When you join a new clan, those assets now belong to it.

If you are NOT the clan leader, yes, you will lose everything.

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I know this works fine when you are the only member of the clan. Are you sure it works like this when there are other people in the clan?

If he’s the clan leader and the only one left playing, he can just boot them before he leaves. Harsh? Yes. Effective? Also yes.

Sry my English is not so good, what do you mean ? Can I leave the clan and put my thralls in a chest before that.
Iam the only one in Clan.
I understand not what you mean with „boot“ or „harsh“


If you are clan leader and only one in the clan then when you leave the clan and become solo-no clan then the game will give you ownership of everything as you were last member and clan leader and you disbanded the guild.
If this happens then when you join the new clan all your owned items will transfer ownership to the new clan.

But if you had another person in your clan even if they stopped playing months ago, then when you leave the clan would remain as that person is still in it according to the game = so in that situation, in order to get ownership, you would need to remove (“boot”) all other clan members before disbanding the clan …

His “harsh” comment was meant to indicate he thinks it is ruthless, heartless, mean thing to do if clan-mates still played … as they’d abruptly lose access to the shared clan buildings, stored items, thralls etc.


Hm ok thank you for help. That means I can disband my clan (I’ve created the clan).

And what is with the Message that i will loose everything?

Ignore that message, once you are invited to your “New” clan, every building, NPC etc, reverts to that clan. Everything you previously owned is now part of your “new” clan.

Not entirely true.
He says he is alone in that clan, meaning he is the sole member. If he really is the sole member, ownership will move over to his toon once he leaves the clan. Thus he can bring everything to the new one.

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Pretty sure that’s what I said. The 'disband" clan message means all buildings etc, reverts to the last man /woman standing, which would be him. Then when he joins the other clan, all ownership reverts to that clan. Not entirely true? Its a yes or no situation, clueless.

Maybe note who were addressed before getting all angry there Mr. Dancer :wink: That was for Multigun (as indicated in the post), who earlier in the thread correctly outlined how it generally works - but not in this specific situation (last man in a clan).

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Not being able to retain your property is pure laziness on the DEVs.
How come every other MMO has it in it.

After all my time playing as a solo and a limited time in clans, I think the answer is Funcom chose this way deliberately. Mi casa es tu casa. I’ve only had one clan boss say that to me, and that makes him the best so far. 10/10 would clan again.

I remember a PVP/PVE game back a few decades, that you could just join a group of (8) and have a PM chat in that group and also not worry about hurting each other in PVP. Apparently this decades old technology is too complicated for FC devs.

It’s problematic because joining a clan allows you to build “together” - splitting that up later would not be easy.

If everyone keeps to themselves, and build their own base and see the clan more as a loose alliance, then no problem.

But imagine this: Alice starts building a house, joins Bob’s clan, and then Alice and Bob together build a castle, using Alice’s first small house as a stepping stone. Just to complicate matters, let’s also say Bob plays 10 x as much as Alice, and contributes the vast majority of the time and materials to the structure. What happens when Alice leaves the clan? Does she keep the whole thing, because it “started” from something she built? Does it crumble to the ground because her parts of the structure remain her property? And how do you accurately and intuitively determine when something starts from something else?

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They must improve clan managment, my clan started with 9 ppl, I always had a hidden separated backup base where I stored a lot of materials, armors and weapons, but as Im not the clan leader, Im stuck on the clan, can’t leave because I will loose everything.

There should be a way to overcome the absent leader.

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Agreed with the absent clan leader. If someone hasn’t logged on for long enough leadership should transfer to another active player.

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