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i am a clan of 1. how do i get out of my clan status without losing my 3 bases and stuff.
been playing conan for 5 years

The last time I did this was something similar to the following:

1). You need to be the Clan Leader (if there are other members of the clan you have to remove/kick every member out, leaving just you as the Clan Leader).

2). You then proceed to disband the clan (if memory serves me correct there should be a broken shield icon) - all that was owned by the clan will now be owned by you.

3). You can now accept another clan’s invitation or create a new clan if you so want (but why go to that bother when you can just change the clan’s name?).

I haven’t done this in over a year, so my memory is somewhat foggy, but I hope this helps.


Like @Harperson said you have to be the clan leader. If you have other members on the clan you have to kick them. Then you can leave clan and everything will be yours again.

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If you mean you are the only one in your clan, then you won’t lose any of your stuff when you disband the clan.



Thank you CodeMage my son created the clan called " the express". he got bored with the game because he was always saving me after i got killed. He likes thinking games and I don’t because I’m 86 yrs old and i enjoy the game building and playing. I have 3 bases that I continue to use. I want to continue playing but i need to get supplies and capture thralls . But, i get killed all the time now because the game has changed so much. leaving my bases with only one (1) thrall for protection is very difficult for me. when i played with my son at least four (4) of us were together fighting.

  1. I’ve read all helpful comment from others and i’m confused about leaving the clan.
  2. I understand that "single player " is more forgiving
  3. HAPERSON Good advice that i tried to find ON FORUM and i did not find any procedures listed.
  4. HARPERSON also suggested creating a new clan’s name.

I KNOW SOMEONE WILL ASK ME TO GET MY SON TO HELP ME. He is a 18 wheeler truck driver and on the road 12 hours a day all over the country and he is in training.

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I have three (3) bases. one (1) is near the SINK HOLE shrine, 2nd is near the bridge shrine after crossing the bridge and the third is near the Brime stone shrine. All three (3) bases are not large but tall and rest on clifts or desert, not to interfere with other builders. I have seen players block others from building. each base has a map room easily accessable to other players.

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