How do i leave a clan?

Im on PVE, official 3470 server.

Wjen i stepped away from my console to eat, my daughter started playing

She got a clan invite and accepted.

Obviously, i no longer have access to any of my stuff .

I have to accept its all lost, but how do i leave the clan itsself?


Not sure about the procedure on how to leave on console (sorry), but you can use the new building hammer to reclaim all the materials and stuff from your base before leaving - if you remove everything you can even rebuild it on the same spot.

Any placed thralls are unfortunately lost (but you can destroy them beforehand and reclaim their gear).

But, if i dont own the building pieces anymore , the game wont let me do anything with them.

Unless, theres some trick you’re referring to?

When i go to tbe Clan page in the game, there:s nothing there, so IDK what’s going on.

How do leave a clan on PC?


Are you sure you’re even still in the clan at all?

Unfortunately, ‘clan sniping’ is a thing: invite people so their stuff becomes yours, then immediately kick them. If that happened, there’s nothing you can do now.

The workaround is to make a personal clan with just you in it.

Ive never been in a clan or know anything about how they work because i like to play by myself.

They very well could have kicked me immediately and i didn’t see it because i wasn’t actually playing at the time.

If i didnt have a lvl 60 chatacter, I’d just find a new server.

Maybe i will anyway. Just start over.

And there is a new (relatively) feature in the options, a check to disable clan invites :wink:.

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Can you check the log for those actions? Maybe it is there and you find out what really happened.

Good hunting!

Go into menu to the Clan tab, then click on your name, it will give you the option to leave clan. Thats on my XBox.


Yeah, i saw that .

Definitely checked that.

Thabks though.

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Thats the problem as i stated before, on the clan page its 100% empty.

So, they must have immediately kicked me after they got ownership of all my stuff.

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