New Thrall Limit not fair if stuck in a clan, Give us a way to leave a clan without losing everything we own

In General i do not have an issue with a new thrall limit, my issue is that if your in a clan you no longer can have the same 55 thralls that everyone else has if you have more then one member in the clan.

If your going to make a thrall limit this drastic then you also should give us a way to leave a clan without losing everything we have built or tamed, if i leave my clan so i can have the same 55 thralls of everyone else then i will lose my two bases i have built as long as every thrall and pet i have spent time getting and leveling.

If i built it myself it should go with me when i leave the clan not revert to the clan. This new limit is not fair to those of use that joined before you made this big change and joined a clan because most games want you to join clans but here it works against you. Please help find a way that those of us in clans have a choice without losing all we have built.

Are you gonna create a way for us to have a choice as to being in a clan or not since we don’t have a choice in how many thralls we have? Not every clan has all members in the same base. some of us make clans so we can stay connected with the friends we came in with but it no longer works in our favor.

Please finds some way that we can leave a clan and take our belongings with us or a way that the clan leader can let you have your own base with everything inside it including your animals and thralls as a way to leave a clan if you want to because of the new thrall limit going into effect. It is not fair we have to loose everything, other games at the very least let you give your animals and thrall type people to other people if you want to.


Actually there is a way, the clan has to be disbanded by the leader and everything reverts back to the previous owner, including thralls/pets, at least on my last test about a month ago. Leaving the clan, you loose everything to the clan, disbanding the clan, everything reverts back to the previous owners. Can someone double check this, to see if still the case (haven’t tested after the last patch).

The only drawback is when a base was built by multiple people togheter because you can only own/break the blocks you placed. Also if you tamed a thrall on wheel that was built by another, the thrall will revert to them not you. Same with pets that where raised on someone else pen.


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This is not a bug report, so moving it to General Discussions.

This reminds of an idea that I’ve toyed with before. Clan base and outpost banners, each clan can have 1 active base banner and up to 9 active outpost banners. When placed on a clan owned structure the banners activate a thrall limit radius. The base banner has the largest radius and limit, outposts have a smaller but still reasonable radius and limit. This way the overall thrall limit could be increased without enabling single base clans to have an overwhelming number of thralls in one place. There would have to be a significant distance between each banner to prevent clans from placing all banners on same location. And other details to be sorted, I’m not great with judging distance so I’ll avoid making suggestions around the specific details.

Ark has an option for individuals to keep things they have built even in clans. Its a perfect system but clan has to be established with this option. Would be a great edition to conan.

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I vaguely remember that, I played Ark before discovering CE. The thing I miss most is being able to mess with my friends character while he was offline (used to give him new hairstyles in nice bright colours and drag the character to different parts of the base).
At the moment the best option is for clanmates to drop items for a leaving member to pick up.

This isn’t a elegant way, and a method from the developers would be most welcome.
But until that happens you can try…
How to leave a clan without losing everything.

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