Thrall limits explained (poorly)

I still don’t see the actual limits other than IF you are a 10 man clan. What does this even mean? So if you are a one person clan you only get 10 thralls?
I can tell this will be the gamebreaker for me. Instead of nerfing the game out of existence to fit a server farm of second gen low end poorly specced servers, FC should be looking for a better server contract.

FAQ about thrall/pet leveling and limit:

How many pets/thralls can I have following me after this update?

  • Still just one

Thrall/Pets Limit

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Will there be a “grace period” where players can remove unwanted Followers without killing them? How, specifically, will removing old thralls work? Which thralls/pets will take priority when being removed?

  • We are going to allow for such a grace period when this rolls out, where players can remove old pets/thralls using the Break Bonds command so their total number of pets/thralls moves below the maximum allowed number.
  • When the grace period is over the system will periodically delete a random active pet/thrall. At the moment this happens once every 30 minutes, but it might change before the feature goes live. Remember that pets/thralls in crafting stations (or in storage boxes) won’t count towards the max limit and will not be removed.
  • Break Bonds will remove the thrall from the world and leave behind a loot bag with all their old equipment, so you won’t lose those resources.

When does the system start removing thralls?

  • The length of such a grace period hasn’t been decided yet, but we will announce this once we’ve decided.

How was it decided to limit a full clan to 100 followers?

  • The limit was decided after talking it through with programmers and designers and reaching an agreement that would allow for enough protection for a decent sized based and still be a viable gain in terms of performance.

Can you turn this limit off in a single-player game or on a private server?

  • Yes, absolutely. This was mentioned in the post we put up on Tuesday .

Current numbers mean that in a 10 man clan, you can have 10 Followers on average per person. Wouldn’t it be better for that clan to disband and have everyone run solo, thereby discouraging large base builds and clans?

  • You can of course do this – but there are other gains for being in a clan than just thrall limits. You won’t be able to help your friends out in PvP situations, etc. The amount will not be increased.

Let’s say we’re a clan of 10. If one of us leaves the clan, will we suddenly lose 5 random thralls? How soon will we lose thralls/pets?

  • The periodicity is set up as a server option. The period is one thrall being purged every 30 minutes (at the moment)

Will PvE and PvP have separate Follower caps? PvE rarely has people covering the whole map like in certain PvP scenarios. The cap seems low for PvE.

  • Official servers will all have the same cap. Private server admins can set their cap to whatever they please. We won’t distinguish between PvE and PvP modes.

Will this limit address the thrall decay system and the fact that it only seems to work intermittently? Some PvE servers have a lot of orphaned thralls remaining from departed clans.

  • The limit itself does not interact with the decay system as such; they’re separate systems. We also want to remove orphan thralls but this system does not specifically target them.

Is there going to be a tab available in the inventory/anywhere where we can monitor and view how many thralls/pets the clan owns?

  • Not in this patch, but we have considered doing that in the future (for example, being able to view this through the Thrall Pot and Clan UI)

Will the ability to order thralls and pets to stand down/be passive be implemented as well?

  • Not for this patch.

Will mounts be counted in the Follower limit? What about dancers?

  • Yes and yes.

Will a private server be able to lower the number of Followers even further?

  • You can, yes.
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From the same post you quoted (added emphasis mine):

In short, it’s 50 to start with and then 5 per person in clan. If you don’t have a clan, it works just like having a clan with only you in it.

This formula sucks for PVE(-C) players, who have very little incentive to form a clan. I wish they would consider having different formulas for PVP and non-PVP servers.

No, one person will get 55 thralls max.

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Well I am done then. If this goes into effect, it will ruin the game for me. I will just quit. Just another fun thing downsized, nerfed, broken, etc.
Eventually FC will have the game downsized to the point you can play it on a smartphone. Epic is not in their vocabulary, sadly.

Just a FYI, that thralls contribute alot to the degradation of a server database, probably one of the worst offenders.

If they don’t implement any limits, then they will have to wipe the official servers. So you either lose some thralls, or all of them, your builds, and your character.

It will also help greatly with server performance.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m actually pretty sure that that’s already implemented when you activate follower cap

Attack nothing behaviour?

Tbh in my experience the main issue have always been the buildings. I raided a base below unnamed city last week for example and ever after I killed the 150 thralls they had on their balconies it did not help the lag at all

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Thralls were a mistake
-Joel Bylos

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@tobi04 You are quoting an FAQ, not me, silly.

Just another tired old excuse for using cheap servers and letting people build out of control.
When I get within render distance of a gigantic build with a few thralls, it isnt the thralls causing that visual lag.
Anyway it is all moot at this point. I will be voting with my feet and my wallet. It is a shame, I was interested in Dune, but I wont be buying anything else from FC.

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Placing Thralls without limit is “letting people build out of control.” Thralls, by far, contribute to server performance more then a foundation does. By far. You can have the world’s best private server, its still going to be the same.

Cool your jets a bit either way JJ. The post quoted was from 2019, they didn’t implement it at that time and have only said it will be implemented soon or someday. And Funcom said that their initial numbers proposed would be subject to change. The last time they talked about the numbers, they felt the numbers would be higher.

Finally, if you really don’t want follower limits, there is a checkbox in the server settings. It’s been there for 2 years now.


i am stongly with FC about thrall restriction… for me personally (as i have also said in previous posts) a thrall should not be allowed to leave claimed area thus serving only defensive purposes…

we will learn to play with less thralls and do more as characters in the game…

So bring the thrall cap! i would love to see it happen .

people will start thinking strategically in building their bases (as fewer thralls will be there to support it (an not seeing 200 thralls on the outskirts of ones base just to defend from purge…, will also have higher trained thralls in average (as fewer thralls will mean more time spent with each thrall in order to level him ) and of way less cluster on servers as mentioned before…


The day they implement thrall limits below 200 per clan, is the day I open and empty all of my chests and delete my avatars on all four servers I play on, it is that simple.
If someone like myself, who has been a staunch supporter of FC for over five years and still loves this game, is willing to quit, I imagine there will be a general outcry from the PVE community and a lot more people leaving.

And here we are at the play like I play thread, where everyone should play like you do. And we should be spending our time leveling what few thralls will be left is also the correct way to play.
My thralls are an integral part of my bases, I do not slop them around, and spend hours strategically placing them.
I also have over 40 thralls leveled to 20.


I for one am looking forward to the thrall limit its defo going to make the spammers re think

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As I said, the server setting has already been in place for 2 years. If you play on a private server, you have the choice and have had the choice (for 2 years) whether to toggle it on or not. It’s off by default on private servers.

Isn’t the shoe on the other foot? I’m being a bit of a devil’s advocate here I realize. By saying that infinite Thrall limits and server performance isn’t important, aren’t you also telling those other people “how to play?” Wouldn’t the building restrictions you have proposed also be “telling people how to play?”

Seems to be the best answer is the same one it’s been since Conan Exiles first hit Early Access. If you don’t like a specific way of doing something, make your own private server and set it the way you most enjoy.

People who want faster/slower harvest rates, Purge or no Purge, faster/slower exp. All of it is readily available for you to set it exactly how YOU want to play. That’s how I got into making mods. The tools are right there for me to customize my experience the way I wanted it to be. I could either complain about x,y,z, or I could do something about it myself with the given tools FC provided.

Ultimately, it’s absolutely fine if you decide that official servers aren’t the way you want them to be, and so you decide to stop playing Conan. That’s fine. But you are choosing to miss out on a game you enjoy when you could create or join a private server, and have it be exactly how you prefer things be.


Why do thralls have such a disproportionate impact on performance?

Again, I am not telling ANYONE how to play, I am saying what my limits are for quitting this game. Unless you want to quote me where I told ANYONE to play like me.
Also your get a private server thing is getting old. There are those of us (covered in many other threads) that will never play on a private server, and I am not willing to spend money just to play this game the way it was originally set up to be played.
So to recap:
Thralls are the biggest contributers to “lag”. - Disagree
Get a private server or join one. - No
Stop telling people to play like you. - show me where I said that

We are done here.

Ask him to prove it.

Again, they have no definitive proof, “probably” “alot”. It is all assumptions.

Though @Taemien and @Multigun mean well, the rest of the thread spammers are just basically giving opinion and conjecture based on how THEY think it should be, and also have no proof.

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I have no proof, either, but I’ve seen what happened on 1823, among others. Remember Dark Millenium, with their heaps of thralls and pets everywhere? It was really fun to port to one of the obelisks where they maintained their presence and watch the server FPS tank.

As for @Taemien and @Multigun, they’re both modders. I have my own conjectures about what causes server-side lag, but I tend to take info seriously when it comes from modders, or from seasoned server admins like @Larathiel. Over the time, the consensus among people with that kind of experience has been that the AI taxes the server the most, then the building pieces that complicate the stability propagation algorithm. That’s not an exhaustive list, either, but it’s a pretty good start when troubleshooting server performance.

But there’s really nothing anyone can say to convince you. You require proof, and I can’t think of any short of Funcom showing you the code and walking you through it. :man_shrugging:

Because the server has to run their AI logic as long as there’s at least one player close enough. When it comes to building pieces, the server has to send you a bunch of data when you come close enough, so that your client can render them on your screen, but once the data is on your client, the server doesn’t have to do anything with them most of the time. The AI, on the other hand, has to run on the server and the results of that simulation have to be sent to your client (and any others close enough) all the time.


Then they should add an option for inactive followers and set a cap on active followers. I like to have lots of followers, but I don’t need them all to have active AI. “Attack nothing” should just disconnect AI.


Hell, yeah, they should. I’ve been asking for that since they announced they were implementing the cap, in November 2019. That would help server performance and be a good first step towards the whole City Life thing. I want to be able to use my thralls for decoration without grinding the server FPS into the ground.