What are the rules now for the thrall limit? And is it already in effect?

I heard it was 55 thralls for a single player. 55 thralls for a clan of 1 person and +5 thralls per every person in the clan up to 100 thralls total. Is this still correct?

Also is the thrall limit actually in effect now? The reason I ask is because we have way more thralls for our 3 man clan than the above rules allow and nothing has been auto deleted yet. So either the above rules I thought were correct are wrong? Or the thrall limit is not in effect yet? Or this is a bug?

Anyone able to clue me in? Thanks.

Yes as far as I’m aware they are in effect, however this also depends on the server you on, I believe that it is only being forcefully implemented on officials at the moment, so if you are on a private server then that will be a question to pose to your Admin, And if you are on a single player/ coop server then there is a setting you are able to toggle yourself to either put the cap on of leave it turned off.

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We are on official server. So is it a bug or is the thrall limit rules different than what I said?

Hmm :thinking:, then it could potentially be a bug, I don’t play on officials much so I’m not the best one to tell you if it has been blanket applied, it could be that they are slowly implementing it rather than a all in one shift, which essentially means it may still start happening all of a sudden that your thralls start getting removed. I remember reading that there would be a grace period to give players time to remove thralls before it becomes more stringent, so perhaps that is what is happening :man_shrugging:.

@Ignasi would probably be able to give you more accurate information about this.

Please read this thread:

As we have also communicated, this limit is currently disabled to let players prepare for it. It will be announced before it is activated so players can be aware of it.


Ignasis, thanks for clearing up my state of confusion.

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I thought I remembered reading/seeing/hearing that the limit was going to be turned on before the new year. Did I imaging that? I re-read the article and the FAQ and didn’t see a mention of it.

They talked about it in the latest dev-stream, if I remember it correctly they said that it was disabled until some time in the beginning of next year and that we would get a notice before it would go live :slight_smile:

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That must have been it, thanks. I’m just really hoping they don’t turn on the counter and the limit at the same time. A clan mate just found 4 archers we had set up to guard while we blew up some troll’s vaults a while back, everyone had totally forgotten about them. I would hate for the counter to pop up telling us that we’re 3 thralls over and we go scrambling to find them within a half hour.

On the contrary:

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